Message: Went Anal Only Early In Our Relationship

apestisMe and my wife adopted this lifestyle early in our relationship, a lot was for convenience. She’s quite petite and I have a pretty long and thick dick, and I ended up hurting her since she simply couldn’t take it all in her pussy. And since she wanted me to be able to go balls deep in her, we put in a little time and practice so now I can easily do that in her ass. And while her pussy is beautiful, she does come way harder through anal, since I can really pound her ass way better than her pussy.

Anal really is so much better for deep sex for a lot of people who struggle or can’t do it with vaginal. That’s great that you found anal only worked best for you early on—it really doesn’t take all that much energy starting out, and so long as you keep up your routine, it’s very easy to maintain a very active anal only sex life, with far more rewards than vaginal offers. Thanks for sharing!

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