Message: It Gets Better And Easier

It’s been a few weeks and I don’t know if you want to know how we are getting on but here it is.

What you’ve been saying here in your advice and answers to your followers is true: it gets better and it gets easier. Anal is becoming more and more of our thing so I’m starting to think that anal only can be real goal for us now. It isn’t a fantasy any more which if you’d told me even a few months ago I wouldn’t of believed.

Anal is becoming something we can get down to with minimal prep now as she’s become super relaxed with the whole thing. We did over do it a while back, so we eased off. But I take that as I good sign as she must have been loving it just as I was. So I’m finding that if I don’t push for it, she’s much more likely to initiate anal for herself. I’m still clear about what I prefer and pay lots of attention to her ass during foreplay etc. Better results are through not setting out with anything in mind but letting things happen more naturally. If I look like I’m expecting anal then she feels under pressure and then it’s not as easy for her I’ve found.

It’s a good feeling to see her so satisfied after!

Glad to hear it’s working out so well for the two of you! It sounds like you’re doing it the right way and letting it evolve somewhat naturally, with just a bit of guidance and conversation to make it clear how much you’re enjoying it this way. Like you say, anal only will likely be a very legitimate goal for the two of you in the future. Keep gradually moving things in that direction and see where it goes!

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