Message: How To Get A Girl Who Won’t Do Anal To Go Anal Only?

Anonymous: Any ways to get a girl who won’t do anal to become an anal only slut?

You don’t just “get” someone to do anal, or to magically love it so much they immediately want to go anal only. If she won’t do anal at all, that’s a pretty big obstacle to overcome, don’t you think?

Talk with her. Make it clear that you’d really like to explore anal pleasure with her, but that you want her to enjoy it and not just do it because it’s something that you want or feels good to you. Let her know that if she agrees to try it, you’re committed to going at a pace she’s comfortable with and doing what it takes for her to enjoy it.

If she agrees, start just with rimming for a while, start eating her ass as a regular part of your sexual activity and making her orgasm while stimulating her asshole externally without penetration. From there, move on to penetration but start small. Use a lubricated finger during other stimulation. Combine anal stimulation with other things she enjoys so it gets associated with those known pleasures. Give her lots of orgasms during anything anal-related. As she gets comfortable with one finger, add a second one, and so on. After she can regularly and comfortably fit 3+ fingers, consider getting her a butt plug and/or a dildo to use anally, with the goal of continuing to gradually work her up in size to your penis.

The process is the same, just slow increases, with lube, and stopping/pausing if something starts to hurt. Focus on gradual relaxation/stretching and her pleasure/enjoyment of it, and you’ll get to the point where she can comfortably have anal sex before you know it.

But she has to want it and be willing to at least try.

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