Message: Am I Meeting the Wrong Guys?

Anonymous: Why is it I always hear that most men want anal, when for me the majority have turned it down. Those I persuaded to try really liked it but most the time they don’t want to know. Anal is very important to me and obviously I’ve fingered both my holes so I can tell which must be better from a man’s point of view. Why the lack of interest? Could I be meeting the wrong guys?

Different men are different, and societal/cultural norms can vary in different regions. In some places, most men really do want anal, and men who have experienced good anal almost always want more of it, but in some regions where anal is less common, less men have experienced it or been exposed to it and may still view it through the lens of stigmas/taboos and want nothing to do with it.

Keep doing what you’re doing. It sounds like you want to focus on anal (and anal only?), so keep that up, and keep showing guys why anal is so much better. If someone isn’t interested, move on to someone who is.

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