Message: A Couple Weeks Into Anal Only

insatiablebabygirlsworld: Now this is a first for me…Anal Only!!! Its only been a couple of weeks since i started my journey. My master asked me to create a poll asking my followers for votes to go Anal Only. As I expected it came down to alot of people voting Yes, So here I am!! Few weeks in I have never been more wet in my life. My pussy has always be given attention now she is denied. Would love to hear from you guys who are Anal Only about your thoughts mmp ?

Going anal only is a great decision, and it’s no surprise that people voted overwhelmingly in favor of it, it’s rapidly growing in popularity and it’s a strong preference of a lot of men (and women!) so support of someone asking whether they should go anal only is highly likely.

Being wet and horny is a common benefit of going anal only—anal sex in general really makes women horny and wet, and going anal only just ramps up that arousal. Embrace and enjoy it!

It sounds like you’re having a good time with it already, and as you continue to get more experience with being anal only long-term, it will keep getting better and more fun. A month or two is often the threshold for a lot of people, and if they get past that point, it’s easy to fall into an anal only routine that works really well.

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