Message: Vaginal Is An Old Habit

Anonymous: You’re right on the money and as usual telling it like it is — vaginal is an old habit and one that we guys need to help girls to break. And as you rightly point out and they eventually realize, anal is better for them (and us!) in every way. Too often girls get the wrong idea that we only do it for ourselves but we *WANT* them to have something better and unlock all that potential. You think we’re misunderstood? Keep up the great work.

Vaginal is something that everyone would benefit from moving past—there are lots of men who remain vaginal-centric as well and don’t give anal the chance it deserves and so don’t discover how much better anal is, or can be when done right with a partner who wants and enjoys it just as much.

Reframing it as a mutual positive for everyone, enjoyable by everyone, is important. It shouldn’t be pushed onto anyone—it should be done because it is good, feels good, and benefits everyone.

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