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Clit Denial Can Be Difficult, But Enhances Anal Only Experience

tathybiscathy: Hi how are you?My name is Tathy and I’m Brazilian. I just got to know your blog and I’m enjoying it. I believe we have the same sexual tastes. I’m only anal 6 months ago and I’m loving the experience. Actually I’ve always been in love with anal, since I was 13 when I gave my ass for the first time and I felt a much greater pleasure.I’m also looking for denial of clitoris and for 3 months I do not use it nor to masturbate alone. It is difficult, at times, to confess. But it has been very good,

ilikeitintheass: Hello tathy. Thanks for sharing. I agree with everything you said. It is difficult being in clit denial but I feel that enhances the experience. Well done. Keep it up and feel free to share some of your experiments and experiences

Message: Will It Hurt to Jump Back Into Anal After 3 Years?

msfoxzzyThree years ago my then bf introduce me to Anal sex and it was a shock at first but then I felt amazing after. Now I have a guy who never had anal sex before and he is huge at least 10″ my last guy was only 8″ I was wondering if it will hurt to jump back into anal sex after not having any for 3yrs?

Going three years without it is going to require some training, warmup and preparation to get back into the routine, I suspect. To a certain extent it can be a bit like riding a bike—once you get started, you pick it back up again pretty quickly—but it often still does require taking things slowly at first again.

I’d suggest starting to do some anal play on your own, fingering your ass, wearing a plug, using a dildo, and gradually easing into it, then working up to his size before having anal sex with him.

Message: Is This Anal Only Stuff a Real Thing?

Anonymous: My boyfriend thinks that because I have a round butt I am made for anal and only that and that he wants us to move in that direction. Like what? I am not against the idea but the way he puts it is just weird He directed me to your blog and I have to be honest I am wondering if this anal only stuff is really a thing?

Anal only is definitely a real thing and there are a lot of people (men and women both) who prefer anal to the point of only wanting anal without vaginal, as well as quite a few who actively practice the lifestyle. It’s not just a fantasy (though it is for some), it’s something real people are doing and enjoying. (The captions on the porn blog are often fantasy scenarios, to be clear, but the asks are real people and real conversations about real scenarios as far as I can tell, and the Anal Only Lifestyle community has several thousand real people in it.)

However, it isn’t something that should be forced onto anyone, it should be done out of a mutual desire or love for anal sex. It’s not clear based on your message what sort of attitude your boyfriend is taking towards it, and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he’s just complementing your ass when he says that it’s made for anal and expressing his desire to go anal only with you so he can focus on your sexy ass.

If it’s not something that you’re against and are willing or interested in trying, I’d encourage it. You don’t have to make it a full commitment up front, just try it for a month or two to begin with and see where it goes from there. If you’re still enjoying it a lot at that point, then consider going more long term with it.

Message: Nervous to Have Anal Sex

Anonymous: Hey there, I’m nervous to have anal sex with my boyfriend but we both really want to. I have read everything on how to take it slow and how to make it feel better, but I have an awkward question. Does it stretch out the anus? Or will it go back to normal?

It will absolutely go back to normal. The anus is a muscle (or a set of muscles) and just like you can stretch your other muscles (e.g. before exercise), you can stretch your anal muscles, but that doesn’t make them function less or change the fact that the default state of anal muscles is tight and closed. It’s more that you increase their range of flexibility and, over time, conscious control.

Message: Anal Only Birthday Gift

Anonymous: For my husband’s birthday I let him do whatever he wanted to me, so he took his birthday and the next day (this past weekend) and we spent both days fucking around the house. He wanted me naked, so I stayed naked, and more pertinently to this blog he didn’t want to bother with my pussy so he didn’t. We just alternated between him fucking my ass and me sucking his dick whenever he wanted either. I don’t know if I’d want to go anal only permanently but I’d definitely enjoy doing that weekend again

Sounds like a lovely birthday gift! Since it was something you ended up enjoying, I would definitely suggest exploring anal only more.

You certainly don’t have to commit fully to it up front or anything, maybe just start by having an anal only weekend once or twice a month, and if that works out well, maybe every weekend could be anal only. If it continues to be fun for you and you feel yourself wanting more of it, then just gradually increase the amount of time you spend being anal only.

Thanks for sharing!

Message: Boyfriend Wants to Take My Vaginal Virginity

Anonymous: I’m a vaginal virgin, but I’ve been doing anal since I was 17 (I’m 23 now). I love it and I never want to change. My boyfriend, however, wants to fuck my pussy. I don’t really know what to tell him since he always brings up that I don’t know how it will feel :/

It sounds like you know what you want and you need to express that to him in a way that he understands. Tell him that you love having sex with him but that you really enjoy and value being anal only and keeping your pussy virgin and that isn’t something that you want to change and he needs to respect that. Perhaps you could come up with some sort of compromise, rather than vaginal sex, trying something else that he would like to do?

Message: Encountering Anal Only in the Wild

amaizegmanI have been following this blog for some time and while I enjoy it, but I never really thought anal only was a thing I would encounter. Yet, yesterday I slept with a woman who took me in the ass , and while I was doing her she whispered “Next time I want you to ignore my pussy and just fuck me in the ass.” Such a wonderful thing to hear. I will certainly oblige her.

It’s certainly becoming a lot more popular, and while it’s still not exactly mainstream, the more people know about it, the more people will want to try it or will open up about it being what they want, and that’s going to lead to continually increasing exposure and growth.

Enjoy being anal only with her! Sounds like you both have the opportunity for a lot of fun.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

alwaysanalblog: I remember the first time I heard very similar words from a woman – I was mentally punching the air and felt a 100ft tall for days after.

I’ve talked before about how important anal can be for a woman’s self confidence and personal growth, and that’s often the point being driven home by others who support the anal only lifestyle. But let’s not forget also how much it can do for a mans self esteem and well being.

Hearing that she trusts you that much and wants to join you in the most intimate way gives a huge boost to happiness and confidence.

Such a wonderful thing to hear, indeed. I hope his anal only adventures continue.

The 11 Biggest Misconceptions About Anal Sex

Cosmo continues to work to shed its past image of bad sex tips with a well-written article debunking myths about anal sex. Check out some excerpts below.

Anal sex has an unfairly bad reputation. In this, the unofficial Era Of Ass, anal sex deserves a rebrand as the totally fine, very safe thing that it is. It’s time to shed the taboos and bust the myths.


The truth: Mm, not quite. Your rectum isn’t as pliable as your vagina, and also unlike the vagina, it’s not self-lubricating. Vanderlinde strongly advises taking your time if you’re just starting out, and working your way up using smaller things like fingers and thin toys. “Sometimes it takes a few different encounters,” Vanderlinde says. Patience!


The truth: Anal sex doesn’t have to hurt. It’s often just done incorrectly. Many women find it incredibly pleasurable, and some even report having orgasms with them. If you and your partner start slow, work your way into insertion with smaller implements like fingers and sex toys and use plenty of lube, pain will be the last thing on your mind.


The truth: So you tried it once and insertion hurt really bad. You made your partner stop and vowed never to go “back” there again. You don’t have to shut the backdoor because of one or two negative experiences. Most of these experiences have to do with not following the above instructions: Go slow, graduate in size and use lube. Plus there is a nice trick to get you relaxed. If you also stimulate your clitoris at the same time it can encourage the pleasure over pain response.


The truth: You’ve always heard that bad girls are the only ones willing to have anal sex. In actuality, anal sex was once voted the number one taboo sexual behavior that heterosexual couples want to try. So obviously, we all can’t be sluts. There’s a natural curiosity about our bodies and if there is pleasure to be had, you should feel you can explore that in a safe and healthy way.

The following one, however, isn’t perhaps as much of a myth as they suggest, given this community. It’s certainly not something that’s universally true, but it’s definitely the case that a lot of men lose a lot of interest in vaginal after experiencing good anal, but until recently many of those men haven’t admitted that very openly. So they hedge somewhat in their answer, and end up staying too conservative here.


The truth: It’s no secret, many men do cop to the fact that they enjoy the additional tightness the anus affords as compared to the vagina. But most men don’t want to give up the main entry either. Vaginas are still revered. Anal sex tends to be a “treat” mixed into your regular sexual repertoire of play.

Better to tell the truth and admit that yes, many men will prefer anal sex and it doesn’t need to stay just a “treat”, but can become the main element of your sex life if you both enjoy it and want it to.

Read the full article at Cosmo

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

alwaysanalblog: Agreed on that last one. There will always be exceptions, but for the most part experience of anal will change your views of sex forever. Most men, understandably, won’t want to go back to what they now can see to be inferior.

This is a case of Cosmo playing it safe, trying to to scare the readers but assuring them their vagina’s are still “special”. The truth would be hard to swallow and be counter productive. So while it’s not really true, I think Cosmo made a wise choice to downplay this.