Month: May 2018

Message: Should I Try Vaginal Before I Go Anal Only?

Anonymous: So, I’m a virgin. The most I’ve done is gave one guy a handjob while I was still in highschool. I do masturbate but I’ve never used a dildo, just fingers, and I’ve probably fingered my ass almost as many times as my pussy. I am considering keeping my vaginal virginity and going anal only. I’m sure when I do have sex with a guy I won’t have a hard time finding a guy who wants anal. I want your opinion, should I try to stay away from vaginal as long as possible or do that first before I go for it?

My opinion is that you should avoid vaginal entirely and just focus on anal and anal pleasure. It will be a lot more rewarding and enjoyable in the long run, doing so, and there are many benefits to being anal only from the start. It’s obvious the idea interests and appeals to you, given that you reached out to ask about it, so why not just decide to go for it and start focusing on just anal masturbation and sex going forward? It doesn’t hurt anything, and it doesn’t limit you from changing your mind in the future, while losing your vaginal virginity isn’t something you can choose to go back from. Though it’s not the biggest deal in the world, I do very frequently hear anal only women express the regret that they didn’t go straight to anal only and keep their pussy virgin.

Message: Anal Only Tattoos

saniribsLet’s suppose that you are my man and we are anal only. Would you like to see that I tattooed “Buttslut” or something like this on my butt or asshole? Would that be a nice surprise? Too weird?

Anal/anal only themed tattoos can be a lot of fun, and if they’re something that appeals to you, I personally have nothing against them. They can be a great way to show off your commitment to the anal only lifestyle. Personally, I like ones which emphasize the exclusive nature of anal only. ANAL ONLY over the pussy can be a good option, and one which various people have done variants of. There are lots of possibilities, though!

Message: Chastity Piercings

Anonymous: I’m in the process of getting my labia pierced, I only need a few more done. Once they’re all fully healed, my husband has bought a set of sturdy locks to replace the rings with, then he’s going to put the keys in his safe deposit box and pretty much the only times they’ll be unlocked is when we’re going on an airplane or I go to see a gynecologist. We’ve incidentally been anal only for a while, but after those locks go on vaginal won’t even be an option even if I wanted it to be.

That sounds like a lot of fun, and a great way to symbolize/enforce your anal only status and further reinforce it. Thanks for sharing your commitment to the anal only lifestyle!

Message: Advice for Anal Only Lesbians

Anonymous: Any advice for a lesbian couple considering going anal only? Both of us are, if that’s important? We’d both be trying to forgo any kind of vaginal interaction.

Nothing too different from advice for anyone else—there are lots of options for non-vaginal/clitoral stimulation to explore together. Experiment with rimming, anal rubbing, fingering, plug wear, dildos, strapons, and more together. Incorporate other sorts of stimulation like nipple play, and more together. Enjoy yourselves! There are other anal only lesbian couples out there, and perhaps some of them could chime in with their own advice.

Message: Anal Sex and Staying A Virgin Until Marriage, Part 2

Anonymous: Thank you for your quick response. I read many posts on your blog and it answered all my other questions, my boyfriend already read a lot of it too, so I guess we’ll do it very shortly. I already have an small anal douche I carry around. To be honest, I would have been fine with no sex at all before marriage, but that’s not the sort of world we live in, and it doesn’t seem wrong to me to want to make my boyfriend happy. He’s cute and popular and had other options, but he’s been patient with me.

As long as you’re happy and willing to do it, then go for it.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

mrsnewfiesluts: Cute and popular are not the greatest reasons. You should want to do it, you should like/love him, and he should respect your feelings on the subject. If you can’t discuss sex with your partner, you’re not ready for it

Message: Anal Sex and Staying A Virgin Until Marriage

Anonymous: Hello. I want to stay a virgin until marriage, and I’m worried about my hymen keeping intact, to the point that I refuse any contact near my pussy (I don’t masturbate). My current boyfriend has big sexual needs, so I agreed to give him handjobs then blowjobs. Now he wants to move to anal sex, but given his needs, I’m worried that frequent anal sex will somehow cause my hymen to tear open. Can that happen? I want to be clean, do frequent but small enemas cause damage? He directed me to your blog.

Hi! Becoming anal only can be a great way to avoid vaginal sex and keep your vaginal virginity, whatever your motivations in doing so, and being able to have great sex.

It seems quite unlikely that anal sex would cause any damage to your hymen, but everyone (and their hymen) is different, and some women can lose theirs just through physical activity like sports, while others can still have theirs intact after having vaginal sex. There are a lot of myths that surround the hymen, and I would suggest reading up on it more if you haven’t already.

Make sure that this is something that you want to do as well, not just because your boyfriend wants sex, and if you decide to go through with it, I highly suggest that both of you do research on how to have anal sex properly, how to warm up and prepare for it, and how to enjoy it.

Regarding enemas, it won’t hurt you to just use a small amount of warm water just to flush out the rectum. You want to avoid doing deeper enemas fairly often, both because that ends up getting into a much more complicated and long process, and because you don’t want to disrupt your intestinal flora that help with the digestive process. But just in the rectum itself to flush it out with a small amount of water several times in a row is fine if you feel it’s necessary.

Message: We Did Anal Only April, Now I Only Want to Masturbate Anally

Anonymous: I never commented about it here but my boyfriend follows you and convinced me to do Anal Only April, which we did successfully. I don’t know if I want to go completely anal only, but I am considering at least getting rid of my vaginal-specific sex toys like my rabbit vibe and trying to only masturbate anally from now on. Could you give me some motivation for that? Maybe some anal masturbation tips?

Thanks for the message! I know there are a lot more people who try out things like Anal Only April and No Pussy November than those who talk about them publicly online, and it’s always nice to hear from more people and whether they succeeded, failed, had a good time, struggled, etc.

Focusing on anal only masturbation going forward sounds like a great idea! It can really make anal something very personal and help you focus on developing it into your primary pleasure source. It’s something I really encourage to help get into the anal only mindset and pursue pure anal pleasure. It can also, for many, really increase arousal levels, but everyone’s different in this regard. So I definitely think you should do that!

As far as tips, do a lot of experimentation. Use your fingers. Rub around the outside lightly as a warmup until you feel yourself relax, slip inside, add fingers if you want a stretch, try spreading your fingers inside your ass, explore for spots that feel particularly good to focus on, etc. A good dildo to fuck yourself with and ride is great to have as well, and experiment with angles and depth there as well to find things that feel really good and keep focusing on them. If you find something that feels like it could make you cum, keep doing it and see where it takes you. And get a butt plug or two if you don’t have any, for passive stimulation/training.

Good luck! Keep enjoying anal and keep it fun! Always feel free to share or ask any other questions that may pop up.

Message: No Intention of Going Back to Vaginal

Anonymous: Easter anon again. At the beginning of April as I said I was looking forward to doing vaginal again, I said to myself as soon as May rolled around my pussy would get some attention. Now we’re in May and we haven’t even talked about vaginal. I don’t know why, even though I haven’t had an actual orgasm since, well, March, I’ve enjoyed this past month so much it’s just more appealing now whether I can orgasm from it or not. For now at least we have no intention of going back to vaginal.

Congratulations! I think that’s a great decision to not return to vaginal. As you’ve discovered, it’s a lot more enjoyable to be anal only, and anal is a lot better even without orgasms than vaginal with. After all, there’s a reason so many people keep going anal only—it’s not just a kink or a fetish, there really are reasons and advantages to doing so and once you get enough into the routine you really tend to not want to stop and go back to the way things were with vaginal. Enjoy! It just keeps getting better from here.

Message: Am I Asking Too Much of Her?

You said to my last submission

That’s fantastic. Keep it up, keep her cumming, and keep communicating to make sure you both stay balanced and aren’t overdoing it or causing anything that might end up slowing things back down or requiring you to back off, and there’s a good chance she’ll want to keep going with just anal.

Make sure she knows how happy you are, too.

You think that I may be asking too much of her? I think it is what she wants and I don’t think she’d have anal with me if she didn’t want to. But if you think I could be doing harm to the chances of anal only then I’ll back off. That’d be hard as I’m having the best time of my life. How much is the right amount given where we are?

And yes I’ve been telling her every day how happy this makes me. But I think she can tell anyways.

Not at all, if it’s working for the both of you. If she’s happy and you’re happy, great! I just mean to stay in communication and adjust if necessary. If not necessary, keep having fun!