Message: How To Cum From Anal?

Anonymous: My Dom wants me to go anal only for a while so I can learn to cum from anal… but idk how to cum from anal. Any suggestions?

He has the right idea. Focusing just on anal for a while and avoiding other means of orgasm like vaginal sex and clitoral stimulation will not only increase your arousal and make you more sensitive, it also forces you and your body to learn to orgasm from different means, and if you’re concentrating on a lot of anal during that time, it can help to start unlock that ability. Just explore anal and start to pay attention to what feels particularly good with it and while seems like it might lead to an orgasm if you keep doing that, and let it build. Don’t be too frustrated with it if it doesn’t always happen every time or if it starts to build but doesn’t go anywhere at first. Just keep trying and enjoy the process. You’ll get there.

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alwaysanalblog: I second that advice, with would add: don’t ‘try’ too hard. Enjoy the moment and the feelings. Since you are a sub, you should be stimulating the mental side as much as you can. Think about your doms enjoyment and pleasure and how it makes you feel to give yourself so completely to him.

Far too often people underestimate the power of their imagination and fantasies.

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