Message: Girlfriend Concerned About Not Being Clean

harzerkoenigHey there! I just wanted to thank you for your awesome blog, please keep the content! And I really appreciate your ask inbox, especially your answers on it. My gf and me did anal quite often but recently, she is really concerned about not being clean, even if she’d gone to the loo before. She thinks there is still smth in there (but there isn’t). My knowledge and experience in anal doesn’t seem to convince her, so for anal only april is unfortunately no way. Thank you for your time!

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoy the blog.

Was there any particular incident that prompted her to grow concerned about anal cleanliness? A messy session, or something that made her feel bad or ashamed? Something must have caused a change of attitude.

Perhaps trying to talk about it more openly and ask her directly what caused her to become worried about not being clean enough for anal, or even if there’s something more to it than that and she’s using it as a cover. (Don’t be accusatory, just try to figure out what her real concerns are.)

Some women find anal a lot of pressure because they feel obligated to always stay perfectly clean, but that’s of course impossible to always be 100% clean over an extended period of time, even if it’s almost always the case. Adopting a realistic attitude and both recognizing that occasionally it might get a little messy (just like all forms of sex, really…) and that that’s not a big deal can relieve a lot of that pressure to be perfectly clean always and make things more fun.

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