Message: Unintentionally Anal Only

Anonymous: When I first tried sex my bf couldn’t fit into my pussy without it hurting a lot, so we didn’t really get anywhere until I told him to try my ass and that was a lot easier and what we ended up doing. We tried my pussy again a few times but it never worked so anal is what we stayed with, and all I’ve done since. So I guess I’ve always been anal only, but I didn’t know it was a thing people chose to do until I found your blog. That’s pretty cool, I think I’m going to call myself anal only now too.

That’s great, glad you were able to discover that you’re far from alone in such a scenario and that it’s actually a really positive and sought-after way to be for a lot of people. Vaginal sex just isn’t very good anyway, so you aren’t missing anything at all if you’re already anal only.

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