Message: Fantasies of Closing My Vagina After Going Anal Only

Anonymous: Hello I’m a mature lady of 45 who divorced last year after 17 years of marriage and 2 children. There is now a new man in my life who has introduced me to anal sex. He prefers it and, to be honest, so do I. We have talked about the possibility of me becoming anal-only, and he has stressed to me the importance that I should no longer expect to associate pleasure with my vagina. I now have fantasies about my vagina being permanently closed. Is this the right thing to do?

Firstly, congratulations on discovering anal sex and the fact that you prefer it. I highly encourage working towards going fully anal only, which it sounds like you will probably be doing anyway based on the rest of your message.

Surgical closing of the vagina is a fairly extreme thing, and while some may oppose the idea because of the perception of overlap with Female Genital Mutilation, but when body modifications are done by adults with their full consent, I of course support one’s right to do so. In practice, however, there are some practical considerations.

When done via infibulation, everything remains intact internally but the labia are sealed together surgically, leaving just a small gap for menses and urine. The gap needs to be large enough to allow for proper flow and cleaning, or else medical issues can result. It’s not something I’m informed enough about to provide serious advice about, and I would highly suggest consulting with doctors before seriously considering it (and would also note that due to the FGM association, many doctors probably would refuse to perform such a surgery).

Vaginal obliteration is another more extreme surgical option which involves removing the entire vaginal canal up to about 1 inch depth and sewing it shut, so it remains looking intact externally but there is no actual usable vaginal hole remaining. This may be done in conjunction with a hysterectomy, or a small hole may be left at the back of the vagina if the uterus remains. This surgery is generally performed for older women who have a medical condition requiring it, and I imagine you may again have difficulty finding a doctor to perform it as a nonessential body modification.

Chastity piercings and belts, as well as other minor short term chastity options like tape, glue and clamps, are more realistic and less extreme approaches for more people, and may be something to consider at least for the time being to cater to your fantasy but without surgery and the risks involved there.

The vast majority of people who are anal only don’t involve any sort of body modification in the process, they simply stop using their vagina for sex. Some do fantasize about more (and a small number act on those fantasies) but it remains fantasy for the majority. Anal sex and enjoying it to the exclusion of vaginal sex is the key part of being anal only.

Whatever you end up doing, enjoy your exploration of anal sex and the anal only lifestyle.

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