Month: April 2018

Message: An Anal Only Easter Followup

Anonymous: I’m the anon who surprised her husband for easter at the beginning of the month. I’m happy to report that not only have we gone anal only for the whole month, but we’ve actually had sex every single day this month when before we never had sex this often. He hasn’t touched my pussy, and with his help I haven’t either except out of necessity. At the beginning of the month I was looking forward to vaginal again, but now I really want to keep this going especially if it means having sex more often.

Thanks for following up! I’m glad to hear Anal Only April has gone very well for you and that you not only stuck with it all month but that it’s has noticeable benefits for your sex life.

You should definitely just stay anal only and enjoy the continued benefits!

Message: I Want To Go Anal Only, But My Boyfriends Might Miss My Cunt

neverbelongedtoyouI want to go anal only but I’m afraid my boyfriends will miss my cunt. What should I say to them? This is really important to me.

There are multiple approaches you could take.

If it’s really important to you that you go anal only, you could just talk to each of them and tell them how important it is for you and that you are going to do it and that you hope they’ll be happy with it too, but that it’s something you need and will be doing going forward.

If it’s just something you want to start experimenting with, tell them as much, and only commit at first to going anal only for a month or so to begin with, then see where things go from there. A lot of men who try going anal only for a month, even if they think they’ll miss vaginal sex at first, come out of that month fully convinced of the benefits of the anal only lifestyle if they have a partner who really wants it.

Good luck, I hope you’re able to go anal only like you want.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

repairman47469: Start off easy by telling him you just don’t want him to cum in your pussy anymore and he can cum in your ass anytime he wants then beg him to fuck your ass daily show him how badly you need your ass fucked by asking for it ever time you can

Message: Top 5 Reasons for Anal Only

Anonymous: If you had to list the top 5 reasons for recommending anal only what would they be?

  1. Anal sex feels better than vaginal. Done properly, with the appropriate preparation and warmup, it’s a more raw, intense sort of pleasure and can trigger far more powerful orgasms than vaginal sex. For men penetrating, it’s tighter, a more enjoyable and grippier texture, and he can feel her reactions and orgasm much more. Also, it allows for much deeper thrusting.
  2. Anal sex is more intimate. It’s the most private and intimate part of a person’s body, generally, and so sharing it with a partner and allowing it to be where and how sex is done between the two of them is an extremely intimate and trusting act, which can be really positive both for the sex and the greater relationship.
  3. Anal sex boosts arousal. Denying a woman’s pussy and replacing it fully with anal is an extreme arousal booster and can make her much more horny on a regular basis. Anal orgasms without clitoral stimulation have a similar effect of keeping her turned on and wanting more rather than going through an arousal crash after cumming. Many couples have found their sex lives and libido improving significantly after going anal only, and it can be a great option as a result for those suffering from decreased arousal in a relationship so long as both are on board with trying to fix that.
  4. Anal sex is natural birth control. This one is pretty straightforward. You can’t get pregnant from anal sex. People will sometimes cite cases of someone getting pregnant from semen leaking out and entering the vagina, but this is exceedingly rare and with some very basic care the risk can be entirely avoided. While condoms are still a very good idea outside of trusted long term relationships to avoid STIs, as a birth control alone, anal is excellent.
  5. Being anal only is a way of making sex all about pleasure, about taking control of your body and your sexuality and optimizing it away from biological and evolutionary urges to reproduce and focusing instead on our human needs. Subverting our bodies to replace the vagina fully with a different and better hole that’s perfect for recreational sex.

Message: Anal Only As A Couple, Part 2

Anonymous: Hey I’m the anon with the couples question. I’ve seen this happen with guys who want their girls to try anal. My view is I wouldn’t ask anything of someone else that I wouldn’t do to myself. So I would say take the initiative and try a plug or something too. That way it’s not one sided. I’m still curious if anyone has any ideas as to how a straight couple could both do AO… Thanks 🙂

For some that’s a viable option, and if it interests a man to explore receiving anal play himself, then that’s fine and good, great even. But not everyone is interested, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Sexual relationships don’t have to be completely balanced in that manner in every circumstance. A man can be a fantastic anal lover for his partner without needing to get fucked in the ass an equal amount.

Message: Anal Only As A Couple

Anonymous: Any recommendations for guys? I’m straight and love anal toys. I have cum from anal a few times, but I inevitably finish things off up front… I’ve had anal orgasms and prostate orgasms maybe twice each which were dry orgasms. Each is exquisitely different. I have a girlfriend, its just that we’re nowhere close to being sexual just yet. She is very reserved and I admire her for that. Let’s say one day we both want to try anal only? Any ideas on what we could do as a couple?

If you want to avoid non-anal stimulation and focus on pure anal only, but find it too hard to resist, a chastity device may provide the focus you need. You need to develop self control along with them, since you can simply choose to unlock yourself at any point, but it can be a tool which keeps you from doing things quite as impulsively.

If you and a partner wanted to both be receptively anal only with no genital stimulation, you could both use toys and fingers on each other, rim each other’s assholes, use strapons together, go ass to ass with a double ended dildo, or even find additional partners and get fucked in the ass together.

It’s not as common an interpretation of the anal only lifestyle but there are certainly others out there who practice it or find the idea appealing. Good luck with your own exploration and with your girlfriend.

Message: Anal Arousal

Anonymous: I’m a male and i just had anal orgasm about 3-4 times by fingering and now it feels like i need more and more im not getting satisfied with my fingers now i feel like need something big and my anus is wet all time what to do? I want to get back to work from these.

Congratulations on the anal orgasm. It sounds like your anal arousal is growing. If you feel the urge for more, try getting yourself a toy that’s a bit bigger than your fingers and work up from there.

Message: How To Get More Anal Endurance

babybat127So I’m pretty new to anal in general, and my Dom wants to go anal only. We’ve tried denial before and I really liked that so we’re twisting the two together and not touching my pussy much if at all, and tart touching my clit. But like I said… I’m new to anal. I know to ease into it, but I can only wear my plug for an hour or two. How do I make it easier to last through the day with it?

Sounds like a lot of fun for the both of you, and I’m sure you’ll have a good time with it!

As far as anal training and becoming more comfortable with it, you have the general idea already of easing into things. Wear your plug as long as you comfortably can. When it gets uncomfortable, take it out. The next time you do it, see if you can go a little bit longer. Keep pushing your limits and you’ll be able to go longer bit by bit over time. You can also try wearing your plug overnight, which helps you go for longer periods but without consciously noticing it as much while you sleep, so it’s easier to stay plugged. Depending on the sort of discomfort you’re experiencing when you have to take it out, it’s possible you just need to add more lube and reinsert. You can try that too, and see if it goes back to being comfortable after a few minutes removed and new lube added.

Good luck, have fun, and feel free to ask more questions if and when you have any!

Message: Girlfriend Loving Anal Only April

Anonymous: My girl and I decided to try anal only April. She wasn’t sure at first but we’re only a week in and she’s already wearing a plug to work sometimes. I don’t think we’ll ever go back.

That’s great! If you’re both already this into it and don’t think you’ll go back, it just keeps getting better, so you’re probably really going to love it by the end of the month.

Message: Thoughts on the Lifestyle

@alwaysanalblog sent some insightful comments, which I’ll respond to inline below. Thanks for the message!

I’ve noticed a few things that look like common themes and patterns having followed your blog, and what I’ve read elsewhere. I’m wondering if you’ve agree with any of my observations. Now I know most of it is unscientific as it’s not easy getting hard data. That being said here we go:

A massive uptake of interest in the lifestyle in the last couple of years. It’s no longer limited to the more remote corners of the internet. Sure it’s still not common, but its growing and what’s more people are accepting of the idea even if they believe it isn’t for them.

Absolutely, this has been very noticeable. It’s gone from only being discussed in one or two places online 6+ years ago or as part of certain other niche fetishes, to being widely discussed and people openly talking about how much they love or prefer anal sex or only do anal. As you say, it’s not a majority by any means at this point, but interest has skyrocketed and the concept is  much more widely known by people, with more discovering it regularly. The communities have grown, the number of blogs talking about it have increased, and new people interested in it and openly practicing it seem to constantly show up.

Men are more likely to be more binary with their interest. They either love anal or they don’t. Women are more undecided, yet more curious and more open minded.

I think everyone can be curious and open to it, and there are a lot of factors that go into it beyond gender. Some think at first that they’d be against the idea and don’t want to be “limited” or are afraid they’d miss pussy too much, until they actually try it and find that they don’t find it limiting and don’t miss it at all, because anal really is that much better and they’re totally happen doing it all the time. Some are just unwilling to try. Some try but struggle with it. Some are naturals and immediately get converted to the idea. I don’t find a consistent trend that shows anything beyond the fact that women are traditionally more submissive-minded and will do things their partner wants because they enjoy pleasing their partner, while men are traditionally more dominant-minded and might resist something that goes against their idea of what sex should be if anal only isn’t already appealing to them. But that’s a stereotype, and the reality isn’t that for everyone.

On average women who are a little bit older (say 30+) are more open minded than younger women. That’s counter intuitive as we think of teens and twenties as when people are most willing to experiment.

Women in their 30s and older have typically been more open minded sexually in general. That’s not changing, but we’re at an interesting sort of crossroads where we’ve got the traditional scenario where women in their 30s are wanting to try new things sexually and anal sex and going anal only is a great way to explore that but we also have anal hitting the mainstream hard and young women often starting out earlier with anal or even doing it before they try vaginal, so both are combining into a much bigger increase of anal adoption across a wide range of ages.

Popular and medical opinion has shifted – even only 10 years ago the consensus was that anal sex was bad. Now virtually nobody is saying that and some are even pointing out the advantages and benefits.

For sure, the internet and better resources, education and discussion about it in general have led to most of the old myths about anal sex and how “bad” and “dangerous” and “painful” it is fading away. They still persist somewhat, but far more people are aware of the reality now, and scientific and medical discussion on the topic also has shifted to the fact that, as with most things, if you do it safely and with care, listening to your body, it’s not at all harmful to regularly engage in anal sex and play, and there can in fact be a lot of benefits to doing so.

We are in the middle of a cultural shift that happens every few generations. We’ve been here before as things tend to be cyclical. Even publications and articles aimed at the female audience now talk of anal as being just as valid and as pleasurable alternative to vaginal, or more so.

This definitely seems to be the case. We’re undergoing a normalization and popular adoption of anal sex as an equal sex act to anal and oral. We went through the same process with oral sex several decades ago, and anal is on the fast track to the same sort of acceptance. Once it’s widely accepted that anal is just as normal and legitimate an option as vaginal as a form of intercourse, choosing between being vaginal only, anal only, or someone who practices anal and vaginal equally will come down to nothing more than preference, as it should be. And because anal is a lot more pleasurable than vaginal for most people, it’s likely that anal only will become dominant in time.

Do you agree or disagree on any of this? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I really like the content you have here, but sometimes feel our community misses the opportunity to talk about whats going on in the wider cultural context.

Definitely agree with most of what you said, and thank you for this submission—I agree it’s great to discuss this sort of thing as well, and I’d like to see more of it!

Keep up the good work my friend!

Keep up the good discussion and topics!