Message: Suggestions for Anal Only April

hypnotic-sliverHi, I’m a denial slut and just found the Anal Only April challenge. I’m thinking of participating but I don’t have a partner and don’t want to have to wash up toys every day so I was wondering if you had suggestions of solo activities to keep stimulation fresh and interesting the whole month. BTW I’m already on no touch for my clit unless it’s thundering outside. Lucky for me for this challenge my ass is the one place a vibrator feels good to me. Anywhere else the overestimulation is painful.

The need to wash one’s toys is a fairly small price to pay for the fun and pleasure of being anal only, so I would encourage not letting that get in the way of trying it.

I’d suggest starting with what you already enjoy in terms of anal stimulation—your vibrator, perhaps—and working up from there with an assortment of fingering, dildoing, and butt plug wear. Different people like different things with anal, so you could either explore a variety to see what you like, or if you already know, pursue those things. Some want depth, some want girth, some want a mix, and some just want to fuck their ass in a certain way that gives them a lot of pleasure.

This may not have been a very helpful response, and I apologize if not, but if you have any additional questions I’d be happy to follow up with another response.

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