Message: Fiance Reluctant To Go Anal Only, Doesn’t Want It To Be Less Special

Anonymous: So I want to go over into either exclusive or mostly anal, but my fiance is reluctant to, because he doesn’t want it to lose the “specialness” or the leverage he has (as a punishment/reward, depending on the day). What are some ways I can convince him?

Anal is inherently a special act, and becoming anal only doesn’t change that. Speaking personally, I found vaginal sex to get boring and bland quite quickly, but after many years of being anal only I’ve never gotten tired of or bored with it. If it’s what you prefer and enjoy much more, it doesn’t stop being special.

Since it sounds like anal is what you prefer and want exclusively, anal as a punishment doesn’t make too much sense for you. Perhaps the threat of vaginal would be a better form of leverage. It doesn’t necessarily ever need to be followed through with, but since you don’t want any vaginal, it can be an effective means of leverage to avoid getting fucked vaginally.

As far as actual punishment, there are all sorts of options that don’t need to involve vaginal sex. Spanking, or pussy slapping for increased sensitivity, clit denial (if your plan to be anal only doesn’t already include this as a default), clit numbing, temporarily going oral only, etc. are all viable options.

Rather than making a permanent commitment to anal only right now, why not try it out together for a month or two and then decide from there once you’ve seen how it is in practice? Anal Only April is coming up soon, it can be a good opportunity to participate in an anal only challenge along with a lot of other people, and to show him how much fun being anal only can be.

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alwaysanalblog: I’ve never understood this attitude that more of a good thing somehow diminishes it. I hope it is not too late for her as this is a huge incompatibility if they are to be married. Plenty more fish in the sea and most wouldn’t be so foolish as to turn down anal only.

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