Message: Girlfriend’s Ass Is Very Tight, Advice?

Hi I’m in need of advice if anyone is willing to oblige.

I’ve been with my girl now for almost a year and a half and I’ve been trying to slowly, tactfully, and sensitively get her to give anal sex a go. I started one day about a year ago by asking her if she would like a rim job and she allowed me the pleasure of enjoying her ass with my mouth. I’ve had anal sex/play with many women but this girls ass is the tighest by far. Since then she has become looser and enjoys me rimming her so much that she demands it of me everytime we have sex. But she is still too tight to comfortably take my dick. Is there any further advice anyone can give?

I don’t wanna rush things as she is really enjoying getting rimmed and stretched with my tongue and fingers. I’m confident it will happen but the sooner I can get it up there with her enjoying it the better.

Starting with rimming is an excellent approach, but you’ll generally have to do more than that to prepare for anal sex. Have you also tried working her up with gradual anal penetration from something small like one of your fingers, getting her used to that, then adding a second finger, etc.? Ease her up in size, get her some dildos and butt plugs of varying sizes, and start to make anal penetration and masturbation a common and enjoyable thing for her, gradually increasing the size until you get to the size of your penis. Then, she’s probably ready to start trying it more comfortably with you.

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