Message: Another Anal Only Virgin Raising Her Hand

Anonymous: Another anal only virgin (for lack of a better term lol) proudly raising her hand. I’m 25 and I’ve been doing anal pretty regularly since I was 14 but my pussy is totally virgin except for a dildo when I was younger just to try it (I didn’t like it). I started because I really wanted to have sex but didn’t want to get pregnant (like a lot of girls) but then I just kept doing it anal. I love it, and after a while it turned me on to keep my pussy virgin, I really don’t want to lose that now. ?

Coming out of my more neutral and impersonal persona for a moment, that’s really incredibly sexy and appealing to me and I think it’s absolutely fantastic that you’ve decided to do this and that it makes you happy and turned on to keep your pussy completely unused. You have my absolute encouragement to do so and I hope a lot more women get inspired to do the same.

Stepping back into my neutral persona, I of course recognize that this isn’t necessarily for everyone and that some people want to try multiple things before settling on what they like, and while you and I may know that anal sex is where it’s at and vaginal just can’t really compare, some people want to see for themselves. And it sounds like you did the same with a dildo. If someone feels they need to try it all first, great. Go for it.

But I think there’s merit in starting with anal first and staying anal only for a while and only trying vaginal at a later time, in order to allow anal skills and pleasure to develop first without the influence of vaginal to compare it to. Because while anal has by far the most payoff for pleasure, it can take a little more effort up front to get into. Vaginal is easy but not nearly as rewarding. If someone starts with vaginal, they’re often much more likely to stay with it even if it’s not as pleasurable as anal, because it’s easy to do so. If someone puts in the effort with anal first, learns to love it, develops all the pleasure and orgasm pathways associated with it, and has a good bit of anal experience first, vaginal will have much less of an influencing factor on their sexuality going forward and they’ll be more prone to remaining anal centric or returning to anal only. Which is not to say that someone who starts with vaginal can’t recognize the benefits of anal or going anal only either—most anal only women had a lot of vaginal sex before going anal only—it just can take more effort in some cases.

I’ve hinted at this above and in other posts on the subject, but as someone who’s been anal only for 11 years without ever using your vagina, I suspect that if you were to ever try it at any point in the future, you’d find it immensely disappointing. And I’m not saying that in an attempt to discourage you from trying it, just that everything about your sexuality is anal centric, and vaginal is far more bland and simplistic a sort of stimulation compared to anal, so if the high of anal is your normal, vaginal simply isn’t going to compare positively. So I do sincerely think there’s really no point in trying—not that you’ve indicated any desire to do so.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Those are some of my thoughts on the subject. I’d love to see more women making the same choice as you, personally, but I’m always happy to see more anal only women whether they have experienced vaginal sex or not.

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