Anal Doesn’t Cause Hemorrhoids

odieballer: Do you have problems with hemorrhoids and stuff and painful shitting after wrecking your asshole the way you do? I always wonder about that with you or top stars like HKJ and proxy and others

bb-puta: no, i personally have never had hemorrhoids, painful bathrooms or any other problems with my ass!

The idea that anal, even larger/rougher anal sex and play, causes injury or hemorrhoids is more or less a myth. It can if you don’t listen to your body and take care of it, but if you use lube, warm up, and don’t do anything that hurts, you can do all sorts of things like double anal fisting and be totally fine. Gradual progress and increase of size is healthy and safe. Forcing things in and ignoring the pain is what gets someone injured. This applies whether you’re just getting started with anal or are an expert doing expert-level play.

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