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Anonymous: Reality check! As a woman, let me put some things straight. No sane woman on this earth actually enjoys anal. Some simply learn to ignore or like the pain. Anal is mentally fun, physically it isn’t. Because that orifice was just not made for penetration. Even gay men only enjoy it because they sniff poppers (muscle relaxant) and because they have a prostate. Women are built differently and need at least internal stimulation of the clitoris to cum, which is impossible through the anus. Face it.

Yeah… not a single thing you said is true. I’m sorry you’ve had such bad experiences with it. I hope someday you’ll have an opportunity to experience what anal can really be.

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fwcouple98023: Internal clitoral stimulation? Pretty sure the clit is external and g spot is internal. If you know what you’re doing, you can hot g spot while doing anal. Just have to be good at fucking!! @hornywife84

hungandhands10me: I love that a woman told another woman that she’s lying to herself about something feeling good

lilobinx: What a fucking idiot.? She clearly knows absolutely nothing about this subject or the female anatomy/erogenous zones. Sounds like she’s desperately trying to convince herself all of this. What Anal-Loving man hurt her????

1.) Anal is fucking amazing.

2.) Not all women cum from clitoral stimulation.

3.) Not all women cum from penetration .

4.) Some women have extra sensitive anus’ which is why those types of women love anal. (??‍♀️)

5.) Shut the fuck up, you dense fruitcake…?

iridescent-sweethartAnal is so great?

pinklioness7: Seriously? She just decided she spoke for a large chuck of the population based on her own experiences? Even going so far as to say gay meet have to sniff something to enjoy it? Guess what sweetie, you are wrong. Period. Many of us women enjoy anal, and I’ve never used any substance (besides lube) to enjoy it. Get your facts straight or maybe try voicing your statement as a personal one instead of speaking for people you know nothing about.

awesomegromm: Well count me as one of those people who only does anal for the pleasure aspect, has never used poppers, and actually knows what he’s doing when he fucks a lady in the ass.

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