Month: March 2018

Looking Back, I Always Loved Anal

theonewhoknocks6969: You mentioned before how you were fortunate enough to have a partner who was willing to go slow while you were introduced to anal. How long did you work at it before your realized you enjoyed it?

ilikeitintheass: Looking back, even at the beginning, I always loved anal. It intrigued me for years, watching it in porn and fingering myself. Other than some uncomfortable pain in the beginning when I first started having anal sex, It’s been enjoyable since day 1. In my case, I was always into it, and I like some pain in general, so I was willing to experiment and push through those initial anal sessions. I didn’t have it often early on, so every time was a bit rough at first. It was only when it became a staple in the bedroom that I realized the true potential of anal. The more you have it the better it feels

Message: How Do I Know When I’m Ready For a Bigger Butt Plug?

Anonymous: How will I know when I’m ready to get a bigger butt plug for extended wear? When I’m comfortable wearing the one I have for long periods of time? And how big can I go for long term wear without worrying about having to clench to keep it in?

Exactly, if the plug you have is comfortable and easy to wear long term, you might be ready to try going up in size to a bigger plug.

How big you can go is very dependent on your current level of ability and comfort and the general shape of the plug. It’s more the ratio between the widest and narrowest part rather than a maximum size that dictates long term comfort and retainability. There are people who use plugs over 3″ wide at the widest point and 2″ at the narrowest long term, and find that comfortable. So it really depends on a lot of factors.

Message: Excited for Anal Only April

Anonymous: My Sir and I are going to be indulging in Anal April and I am so so excited. It’s hard cause it’s LDR, but I think we will manage. I have a dildo that is similar dimensions to his cock that I have goals to get in my ass so that I can take my Sir once we are finally together. It’s an average one, 6in length and i think like 2-3in diameter. I have a few plugs to train with, but I’m so excited and I just can’t wait!

Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll have an excellent time with it.

Message: Trying Anal Only April for Less Than a Month?

Anonymous: What do you think about trying Anal Only April for a week or two instead of a month? I want to try it but a month is kind of scary to commit to.

Do whatever works for you. If you can’t commit to a month yet, commit to whatever you do feel comfortable with. However, I would suggest that you keep yourself flexible and open to the idea of extending it if you’re enjoying yourself still by the end of whatever length of time you do commit to.

I will say, too, that the reason I suggest a month is because it’s enough time to work through the difficulties some people encounter when increasing the frequency of anal sex and allows you to really settle into a routine with it and get to know it for what it’s actually like longer-term rather than just when doing anal sex intermittently or just a shorter period of time. If you just do it for a week or two, you might never get past that initial period where it still feels like a challenge at times.

Message: Suggestions for Anal Only April

hypnotic-sliverHi, I’m a denial slut and just found the Anal Only April challenge. I’m thinking of participating but I don’t have a partner and don’t want to have to wash up toys every day so I was wondering if you had suggestions of solo activities to keep stimulation fresh and interesting the whole month. BTW I’m already on no touch for my clit unless it’s thundering outside. Lucky for me for this challenge my ass is the one place a vibrator feels good to me. Anywhere else the overestimulation is painful.

The need to wash one’s toys is a fairly small price to pay for the fun and pleasure of being anal only, so I would encourage not letting that get in the way of trying it.

I’d suggest starting with what you already enjoy in terms of anal stimulation—your vibrator, perhaps—and working up from there with an assortment of fingering, dildoing, and butt plug wear. Different people like different things with anal, so you could either explore a variety to see what you like, or if you already know, pursue those things. Some want depth, some want girth, some want a mix, and some just want to fuck their ass in a certain way that gives them a lot of pleasure.

This may not have been a very helpful response, and I apologize if not, but if you have any additional questions I’d be happy to follow up with another response.

Message: How Can I Increase The Size of Butt Plug I Can Wear?

Anonymous: Quick question: how can I increase the size of butt plug I’m able to take up my ass in a fairly timely fashion? Would love to be able to tell my boyfriend my ass is ready for him right off the bat rather than having to spend time stretching me out for a bit first

Masturbate anally on a regular basis, in addition to frequent plug wear. Use fingers and dildos, and keep pushing your limits with size. As you keep doing so, switch to a bigger plug once your current one is regularly comfortable to insert with ease.

Message: Butt Plugs Slipping In

Anonymous: Hello! Can I ask you about butt plus for bigger girls. If you have any knowledge on that. I have a Jewell plug but it feels like the base is sliding inside me if I let go. I wrapped some cord around the base just in case but I’m really worried it would slid up. Any advice please?

Some jeweled butt plugs have rather small bases similar in width to the widest part of the plug, and if the plug itself fits inside comfortably, the base can slide in fairly easily as well. That’s probably not a really serious concern, as you should be able to get it back out quite easily if it were to happen, but if it bothers you, you might try a different plug with a differently shaped or larger base.

Message: Anal Is The Only Way I Can Play

misschloekittenuk: I’m trans, so anal us kinda the only way I can play anyway, but I just wanted to say I think your blog is awesome, I’d never take it any other way 🙂

Thank you! And anal being the only option for a person doesn’t make it any less awesome—one could choose to just see it as a sort of physical manifestation of the fact that anal only is the best way to be anyway.

Breaking the Anal Taboo

enberash: I keep forgetting how much of a taboo it is and how squeamish people can be about talking about anal. Anal is the best thing ever. It shouldn’t be kept behind a locked door. 🙁

It’s on us to break that taboo and to talk about it openly and without shame, permanently normalizing anal as it always should have been.