Message: Best Things To Use For Anal Masturbation

Anonymous: Heya! Quick question, what are the best things to use to when masturbating anal only? Dildos? Butt plugs? Beads? Any help would be amazing 🙂

If all you have is your fingers, that can work. A butt plug is great for warmup or as something to wear passively when you aren’t masturbating to keep your thoughts and focus on your asshole (and just because it feels good to have your ass filled and stretched open). Beads are sort of a hybrid, they can be more passive, or they can be used actively as you push them in and pull them out. A dildo is the ultimate anal masturbation tool for a lot of people, and one with a good suction cup can let you really go at it hands-free.

Some manage to repurpose other objects for anal masturbation—vegetables, fruit, bottles, etc. With a bit of care, it can be done safely, but make sure to avoid using something with a risk of slipping inside and getting lost. Anal toys and dildos often have a base of some sort that makes this more difficult.

Enjoy your anal only masturbation!

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