Message: Too Much Anal?

Anonymous: Is there such a thing as too much anal? I can easily have sex 2-3 times a day. I really would call myself addicted as I feel a real ache, a longing, an emptiness when I’m not filled. Should I give in and wear my plug too?

If you’re properly trained and warmed up for it, you can have as much anal as you want. If it hurts or you start getting sore, then you might be doing it to much and should take a break for a day or two until you aren’t sore anymore. Just listen to your body. If your body needs more anal, give it more anal. If anal is starting to hurt or become uncomfortable, back off it a little bit. Try to strike that balance.

Wearing a plug can help to satisfy some of those needs while also keeping you warmed up for more frequent sex. Win win.

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