Month: February 2018

Message: How Can I Stop Using My Clit?

Anonymous: Hey, I really enjoy masturbation but I always use my clit, and only sometimes finger my ass (but I never finger my vagina, in fact I am a virgin). How can I stop using my clit? I sometimes do “no touch” but I only can keep doing it for 2 days or so :/ pls help me in becoming a true anal only girl!

First of all, wanting this like you do is the most important first step. You know you want to be a strict anal only girl and that’s key! So, well done there!

You need to start shifting your thinking of what masturbation is. It should always focus on and center around your ass. Even if there’s any sort of supplemental stimulation, the primary act should be anal—always. So, you should be rubbing or fingering your ass, using a dildo, or wearing a plug. Don’t touch your clit without something in your ass at the same time. Work to develop that habit first.

From there, start to redirect your arousal to your ass instead of your clit. When you feel horny and want to touch yourself, rub and finger your asshole instead of touching your clit. Instead of thinking of it as “no touch” when you stop using your clit, think of it as no pussy or clit but lots of touch elsewhere—your ass, your asshole, your nipples, etc.

Work to reduce your dependence on clit stimulation gradually over time. If two days is all you can last right now, do it for 2 days and then try to go another day longer and keep pushing your limits more and more. It’s a process of trial and error and repeated increase of self control. Keep trying, don’t give up, and don’t feel bad if it’s hard. That will just make the reward that much more when you get there.

Message: Anal Only Two Years, But Need More

elegantphdapHi, Im a single woman and have different sex parnters. I’m already 2 years anal only but now I’m feeling as if one dick doesn’t satisfy my needs. What can I do?

Try multiple partners at once? Try anal + oral at the same time, as well as double anal if that sounds like something you’d enjoy. There are plenty of ways to incorporate multiple partners while anal only—no pussy needed at all.

Message: Fully Into Clit Denial

Anonymous: I don’t know about other girls but I’m definitely fully into clit denial since I started to try it a few years ago. I went back and forth with it at first but then I started to cum from just anal a lot more easily without it and then I was done with my clit, it’s so much sexier and feels right to be anal only without any part of my pussy involved. I definitely encourage giving up both your pussy and clit!

That’s wonderful, thanks for sharing and for the encouragement to other women to try as well.

Message: A Trend Towards Clit Denial

Anonymous: Is it just me or there is a trend towards clit denial nowadays? I understand that some think it isn’t an essential part of being anal only, BUT I’ve been seeing more and more girls interested in dropping the pussy altogether and switching to “full” anal-only. I wonder if others feel it in the air, too…

Yes, it’s a growing trend and a lot of women are interested in it. I think that’s a great thing—if you can sustain it, it’s a lot more fun and rewarding without clitoral stimulation, so it makes sense to want it that way. As always, if it doesn’t work for you or you enjoy continuing to combine clitoral stimulation with anal, that’s valid too. But there’s something very appealing about 100% anal only without any clit stimulation at all.

Message: Reducing Clit Stimulation When Masturbating

reguaraHello dear. Still on reducing clit stimulation: i seldom touch myself while reciving anal penetration. So, there is little room for improvement there. I do touch myself a lot when i am alone, as i do not care about anal masturbation. Any thoughts?

If you’d rather not touch or masturbate at all when alone, it just takes an incremental process of challenging yourself to go increasingly long periods without touching your clit. When you catch yourself doing it, stop. As you build up a routine without it, it will become easier to stay committed to it. If you mess up, just start again after without your clit and keep going.

If you’d like to refocus that energy and habit to your ass instead, even if it’s not advancing to other forms of anal masturbation, just start rubbing and lightly fingering your ass instead when you feel the urge to touch your clit.

Message: Going and Staying Anal Only as Virgins

Anonymous: So me and my girlfriend are both virgins and we’ve both been talking about finally having sex! Thing though is that I want my first time to be anal and I wanna keep our relationship anal only. Any ideas how to sway things towards that direction?

Does she share the same interest in anal? You should talk with her about it and tell her what you’d like to do, tell her about the benefits of being anal only, and tell her why it appeals so much to you to be anal only with her. Make it clear you want her to enjoy it. Read and learn together how to do anal properly and focus on her pleasure from it.

Message: Time to Reduce Touching My Clit

reguaraI do not have vaginal penetration since 2016. But i still touch my clit a lot. I feel now it is time to reduce that. I was wondering if stop masturbating While having my Ass fucked is a good start. Or you rather suggest another approach?

Congratulations for deciding to take the next step and work to stop using your clit.

If you often touch your clit outside of anal masturbation or sex, you could start by only allowing yourself clitoral stimulation while receiving anal penetration of some sort.

If you already only stimulate your clit during anal or you’d rather dive in with something a little more focused, I’d suggest warming up with light anal stimulation—rimming or external anal massage—rather than using your clit, and start practicing focusing on the sensations and pleasure points you can find from anal stimulation rather than distracting yourself and drowning them out with your clit. Focus on what feels good with anal and pursue pleasure and orgasms with anal only.

Starting out if you find yourself near an orgasm but unable to get over the edge, try a small amount of clitoral stimulation at the very end—just a light touch or two—to push yourself closer to the edge, but try to actually get over the edge with your ass. The more you do it, try to rely on your clit less. If you can already cum from anal, you should avoid using your clit in this situation.

Sometimes during the transition you might not reach orgasm. It’s a process of getting to that point, and it’s good to recognize that it’s okay to not orgasm every time while you’re working on moving away from your clit, and the increased arousal of having sex without an orgasm at the end can help make it more likely to figure out how to achieve more consistently in the future.

Message: Advice for Anal Only Newbies

thatsnicestigz: Me and my gf just started the anal only life, got any advice for newbies?

You’ve made an excellent choice, well done.

Have sex regularly. Experiment with butt plugs and other toys between having sex. The more use her ass gets on a regular basis, the easier it is to do anal consistently and the less impediments there are to staying strictly anal only.

Enjoy how much better being anal only together is. Let it bring you closer together. Talk openly about it and discuss any issues or concerns as you may encounter them and figure out how to work through them together. Be sure to express to each other how much you enjoy being anal only, too.