Month: January 2018

Message: Practice Safe Sex With Anal Too

Anonymous: Not to ruin your fun here but playing with your ass only can cause a whole host of new issues. One of them being the skin around the anus is much more susceptible to contracting STDs such as HIV and HSV. So all I’m saying is… stay safe. Just because you can’t get pregnant playing with that hole doesn’t mean you’re safe.

People should practice safe sex, get tested along with their partners, and use appropriate protection regardless of how they’re having sex. That applies to all sexual encounters, not just for those who are anal only.

Hygiene for Anal Only

maxhdrm17: I am very curious about hygiene for anal only, do you do a cleansing regimine before you play? I like anal but am not into the mess I get sometimes… Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

ilikeitintheass: I can honestly say that I worried more about hygiene before become anal only. Now it’s pretty easy, just going go the bathroom half an hour before play or sex is enough. If I feel I need it, i’ll push some water in using a douche, a VERY VERY small amount and push it out slowly. Repeating this step 2 to 4 times, making sure the water doesn’t get deep and just flushes out the rectum.

I find most people who struggle with anal prep, usually don’t know how much water it takes to fill their rectum and not go beyond. That’s when you cause more mess than you bargained for. once the water has reached your colon, you have to either do a full enema or wait it out.

I am noticing a lot of questions about anal prep lately. So I’m going to make a full post with some links that will hopefully help.

Message: I Want to Go Anal Only, But My Boyfriend Likes Pregnancy Risk

Anonymous: So, I have a bit of a problem. My fiancee really likes to have vaginal sex, but my ass has always felt more like my pussy to me than my actual vagina. I want to get him to try going anal only with me, but he likes the idea of pregnancy-risk too much to want anal sex exclusively. Do you have any advice for a girl who loves anal but has a partner that wants vaginal? Do you think there’s any way I can wean him off of vaginal? He’s told me that he still likes for me to beg to be bred even during anal

Sorry for taking a little while to get around to responding to you, I’ve been considering my response for a while.

First, if you haven’t already, I think you should express to him just how much you prefer anal and that it feels more natural and enjoyable to you than vaginal and that you’d like to at least do it more often. Not everyone gets on board to go anal only from the get-go, but getting there over time is often possible, even if just by gradually increasing the frequency that you do anal until it becomes your new default.

It’s not quite the same, but perhaps a concession to his pregnancy risk fetish could be to treat him cumming in your ass as if he’s impregnating you—especially as you note he likes you begging for him to breed you even during anal. You can also do things like pushing out his cum and letting it run down across your pussy after.

A lot of anal only people treat the vagina as only for impregnation and the ass for sex and pleasure.

Can you get him on board with trying AO for a month? A lot of people have all sorts of reasons they don’t want to be AO before they seriously try it, and a lot of those reasons go away after a month or so of actually doing it.

A somewhat rambling and perhaps not very helpful response, but I do hope you’re able to work out a way for anal only to work for you, whether by showing him that it really is better, or by coming up with a compromise that works for the both of you.

Message: Anal Orgasms Last Longer Than The Fucking

painlove1018Playing with my clit is so stimulating. But when I’m done I’m over it. I have done anal masturbation and the climax has lasted longer then me actually fucking someone. I wanna go longer fingering and eventually fisting my ass. My fear is my ass losing its tightness. Just thinking bout anal masturbation has my clit throbbing. What do I do?

That’s something a lot of women discover, that even though clit stimulation and orgasms feel good, the abrupt end of desire when done can ultimately make one want to find an alternative. This is one of the primary reasons I advocate clit denial for anal only women, because anal stimulation and anal orgasms can provide a great deal of pleasure on their own, without the same impact to arousal.

The idea of your ass getting loose from anal sex/play is more or less a myth. Using your ass stretches and trains the muscles, which increase their elasticity and can ultimately make penetration easier over time, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t remain tight. Even after a session of fisting, you would find yourself tightening back up before long. People who have been having anal sex or engaging in anal fisting for decades report no long-term issues, and couples who have been anal only for similarly long periods report the same, with no noticeable loss of tightness. Just listen to your body and don’t go too fast at a pace that hurts and results in injuring yourself, and you’ll be fine.

By all means, go ahead and enjoy yourself. Masturbate anally only and ignore your clit and you’ll be rewarded with far greater pleasure and arousal long-term.

Worried About Getting Horny And Rubbing My Clit

Anonymous: I really like your posts about clitoral denial! I have the same problem where orgasming with my clit makes me lose interest in sex after, plus I sort of feel guilty, and I really like the idea of not using it anymore and only orgasming from anal. I like anal a lot more anyway so going anal only already sounds like a good idea. Do you have any advice for me to successfully stop using my clit? I’m worried about getting horny and going back to rubbing my clit.

ilikeitintheass: You will get horny and you will go back to your clit. it always happens at first. when you’re used to going there, it’s like your body can’t help it you just do it. but you start trying to go one day without reaching for it. then two and three and you get the point.

Congrats on wanting to experience something new and different. My only advice and the only advice that matters, is to have fun with it. If you mess up and touch your clit and cum, you just start over and try to beat your last streak.

for me it was really difficult. it still is. The longest i lasted was 8 weeks. and i’m now on my my 2nd week of being back on clit denial. but i can also say that my anal only experience has been enhanced by being on clit denial. when you cum just from that anal pounding and stimulation, it’s an out of body experience and worth trying to achieve

Also, please know you don’t have to be on clit denial is you want to be anal only. you can be anal only and rub your clit. it’s also ok if want to be on clit denial. GOOD LUCK TO YOU. if you need any more help you can message me off anon and i’ll be happy to chat about it with you.

Message: Trying 4 Weeks AO

I decided my wife would go AO about 11 days ago and we’d do it for 4 weeks and see how she handles it, she’s desperate to get her pussy fucked but she’s a really good sub and is really starting to make the most of AO, luckily for her she loves anal and orgasms from it a lot but the next couple of weeks could get interesting

Thanks for sharing! A month challenge of anal only is a fantastic way to introduce a partner to it, and the fact she loves anal and has lots of orgasms from it is an excellent sign that being AO might be right for her.

It’s not uncommon for her to have vaginal urges at first, but it gets easier with practice. By the end of your 4 weeks, she may have a somewhat different opinion about being AO and might even want to keep trying it.

Message: Anal Only Dating Site?

For more information about dating and finding new partners within the anal only lifestyle, view our guide to anal only dating.

Anonymous: I wonder if there is an anal only dating site?

There are some spam/bot-filled ones out there that claim to be anal dating sites, but I wouldn’t expect much from them. Dating based entirely around a specific sexual concept isn’t generally going to go all that well. Rather, look for someone you like in a general sense and who is sexually open-minded, and discuss becoming anal only with her or just explore anal together without any commitments at first, make it really pleasurable for her and make her feel sexy about it, and if she likes it, she’ll probably want to do more, and from there you can ease naturally towards anal only together.

The majority of anal only relationships evolve naturally in that manner. Others have luck identifying early on as being anal only and wanting an anal only relationship, with varying levels of success. Being up front works great for some, and getting to know someone a bit more first works better for others.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response:

bukkakegirlblog: As with most kinks, an anal only relationship works better on paper than in practice. I love anal sex, and I have a lot of it, but I also like to eat burritos, and sometimes the two ought not to mix, if you catch my drift. Anal only is, in my mind, a fine goal, but my pussy is fun to fuck too. I promise you won’t be disappointed by it.

To which the following rebuttal was made:

I’ll have to respectfully disagree, as evidenced by the many people out there actively living an anal only lifestyle. Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily for everyone, and that’s totally fine! But there are those of us out there who love it enough to make it work. Sure, it might sometimes be challenging in somewhat different ways compared to other forms of sex, but it can absolutely be worth it, and in general there’s less of an impact to sexual spontaneity than one might suspect.

I totally understand if it might be a fantasy for some people that they aren’t interested in making a reality, but to generalize and say that being anal only works better on paper than in practice isn’t really correct for everyone.

Furthermore, there are a lot of anal only enthusiasts out there who have no interest in vaginal sex. We would be disappointed by pussy, not out of any fault of your own or in a way that should be interpreted as critical of your pussy, but by the simple fact that we aren’t attracted to pussy or interested in fucking it and do find it a disappointment in comparison to anal. Again, not trying to suggest that your opinion is personally invalid, just that it doesn’t apply to everyone, particularly those who are anal only enthusiasts.

Anal and squirting

ilikeitintheass: Since my last edging round, I’ve not had a BIG orgasm. Until a few hours ago. Most of you know how that ended so I won’t detail it here.

So today I decided to make time, and keep fucking my ass. It didn’t take long. Within one hour, I was squirting all over my bed. After that orgasm subsided, I fucked it again and it’s like pushing a button and squiring and squirting everywhere. Best feeling in the world. I love being anal only.