Message: Trying 4 Weeks AO

I decided my wife would go AO about 11 days ago and we’d do it for 4 weeks and see how she handles it, she’s desperate to get her pussy fucked but she’s a really good sub and is really starting to make the most of AO, luckily for her she loves anal and orgasms from it a lot but the next couple of weeks could get interesting

Thanks for sharing! A month challenge of anal only is a fantastic way to introduce a partner to it, and the fact she loves anal and has lots of orgasms from it is an excellent sign that being AO might be right for her.

It’s not uncommon for her to have vaginal urges at first, but it gets easier with practice. By the end of your 4 weeks, she may have a somewhat different opinion about being AO and might even want to keep trying it.

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