Message: Life in an Anti-Anal Country

Anonymous: Hello! I love your blog, so much hotness! I’m a guy and I enjoy playing with my and girls anal more then anything (curiosity changed to passion) but I live in the shittiest country in the world. People here are weird 99% of them are only into vanilla sex and missionaries -.- Even some guys here are disgusted with a blowjob…c’mon, blowjob?! And if I mention anal to any girl, even kinky ones, just a little, they freak out! HELL NO! I’m desperate! XD Do you have some embracing words for me?

Don’t give up hope—even in sexually repressed environments, there are others who will share similar sexual preferences and desires as you. They might be quiet about them and not open up easily for fear of being judged by others, but I guarantee they’re out there.

In that environment, it’s also not uncommon for people to be automatically resistant to the idea of something like anal without ever having tried it. Sometimes, you just need to very gently test the waters with a partner by lightly touching her asshole while playing with or eating her pussy, or giving her asshole a lick during cunnilingus. Nothing invasive, and stopping if she asks you to, but some very light, gentle exploration into that area in a way likely to be pleasurable. If she’s favorable to such things, start making them a regular part of your routine together, and try putting a bit more focus on her asshole—more time spent licking her ass, more gentle rubbing around the entrance. From there, ask her if you can slide a lubricated finger inside and if yes, start fingering her ass while you make her cum, getting her to start associating anal penetration with pleasure. From there, a normal progression should be quite effective, once you’ve gotten past the idea that she won’t like it by showing her gently, gradually (and always respectful of her not wanting to continue or to try at any stage) that it’s in fact very pleasurable for her when done right.

If she doesn’t respond favorably to any of that, or expresses clear interest in not pursuing anything anal, decide how important anal is for you. If it’s something very important, then end things and try again with a new partner. There’s nothing wrong with selecting partners based on sexual compatibility—everyone has different priorities, and the purpose of dating is to find compatible partners across a variety of categories, including sexual compatibility.

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