Anal is Pleasure Without Regret

enberash: The hornier I get, the more I want to touch my ass. The more I touch my ass, the hornier I get. I love this cycle~ I hope someday all my thoughts are about my ass. I wish I hadn’t been taught to use lesser things. Anal is pleasure without regret. My ass wants me to be happy, it wants me to feel good. I wish so much I could have only my ass so I wouldn’t even have to worry about lesser things at all, just my real pleasure center. But I have to stay strong. I’m only human, and I’ve learned that even knowing that anal is better and that nothing compares to it hasn’t stopped me from messing up in a moment of weakness. But I know what is right, what feels good. And it’s anal all the way. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Really, nothing else makes sense anymore. I can’t look at vaginal porn anymore because I have no interest in it. I want things in my ass, so I want to see things in asses. I get turned on by buttholes. Everything makes so much more sense now. My ass is the only sex organ I need. I’ve always watched anal porn, it just took me forever to accept the truth. Anal is better. Anal is pleasure. Everything else is a waste of time. I hope I can be anal only all next year, but realistically I know I’ll mess up again. But I know the truth, and that can’t be taken away from me. Ass is all that matters. Being fucked in the ass is the only way sex is supposed to happen. And I hope so much that the world realizes the truth as well at some point. I wish I could be free from all the conditioning and reflexes and habits… the urges to do the wrong thing make me feel horrible. I shouldn’t want to do things that feel worse and make me feel horrible. My favorite thing about my ass is how it feels when I finger myself. When it feels really good, it feels so soft and warm. I wish so much the world was just giving it in the ass or taking it in the ass. I hate having to feel wrong for liking it. It should be default. It’s so much better. I wish I could get my ass fucked every day. But the reality is I live in a horrible area and I probably won’t find that. But I can at least try to explore what feels good to me. I owe myself at least that, I suppose. I wrote this kinda drunk, I probably shouldn’t post it, but it’s the truth.. I just wish everyone knew how good anal feels. It’s not even a contest. Comparing anal to anything else isn’t even a comparison. Anal makes me feel happy, fulfilled, calm.. the other makes me feel the opposite. So what’s the point of that?

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