Month: January 2018

Message: Why Should I Go Anal Only?

Anonymous: Why should I go anal only?

Because done right, anal feels better than vaginal for men and women both and leads to more intense orgasms that don’t have the same side effects of clitoral/vaginal orgasms. It’s more intimate, more sensual, more sexual, more primal, more thrilling and exciting, and for so many people it’s just what sex is supposed to be while vaginal is rather dull and boring in comparison.

Plus the fact that it’s natural birth control and you can take cum in your ass all you want without fear of getting pregnant.

So why waste precious time on something average when anal is so much better? Embrace anal only and within a month or two you won’t want to go back and you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Keep pussy for making babies, and anal and oral for everything else.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

lovingbrat94: Not an anal only girl (yet) but definitely a fan. I’ve always found the idea highly erotic, but my Dom didn’t like the idea because he loves to see me cum.

Well, well, well. Tonight I FINALLY came from anal. Just Anal. Like I’ve used my clit for help before, but tonight that was off limits. And it was intense, like toe curling, forgetting where I am intense. And, unlike clitoral orgasms where I become too sensitive and need to stop, the anal orgasms kinda spurred on more and I ended up having about 4 or 5.

Maybe this will put the idea of anal only back into his head (;

Message: Anal With Vegetables?

Anonymous: Can I try anal with vegetables? Is that safe?

Make sure to wash them, and make sure it’s not something fragile that might break inside. Remove anything sharp or abrasive. Use something long enough that it won’t slip fully inside.

Cucumbers, zucchini, bananas, and the like are probably all pretty safe to use. Carrots can be fine, but some worry about their strength. If you’re careful with them and don’t get overly vigorous, they’re probably fine.

Message: Anal Training Suggestions

Anonymous: I wanted to train anal before doing it with my boyfriend but I do not have access to a dildo, do you have any suggestions? Can I substitute for something else?

Fingers are a great starting point. Get some lube on a finger and start massaging around your anus gently while rubbing your clit, and as you start to relax and feel good, slide that finger inside and start to slide it in and out while continuing to combine it with clit stimulation. Explore what feels good, and as you get comfortable with a single finger, try two, and then three. You can then start spreading your fingers apart while inside your ass to warm up and relax it further from there.

Everyone’s different, and some people might only be ready to do some external massage the first few times, others might get a finger or two in their first session, and some might be ready for more. Go at your own pace and what you’re comfortable with and what feels good, and if something starts to hurt, just back off and try it slower or with less inside you. Keep that up, gradually pushing your own limits as you go, and you’ll do great.

Message: Excited to Try Anal, Afraid Something Will Go Wrong

Anonymous: I’m very excited to do anal for the first time and I’m going to do it with a friend, but I’m afraid something will go wrong if you understand what I mean. Do you have any advice for me?

You could mean several things, so I’ll answer generally.

If you’re afraid of a mess, make sure to go the bathroom in advance. If you’re really concerned, use a douche/enema bulb to squirt just a small squeeze of warm water into your rectum and push it out, repeating a few times. That should be all you need to do. You can check by inserting or masturbating with a dildo beforehand to see if your rectum is clean.

If you’re afraid it’s going to hurt, you should practice/train with fingers and toys before trying it with a partner, so you know what to expect and prepare your ass for penetration without pain. Some people can dive straight into anal sex without preparation, but most people need to practice a little first. Try it on your own time with a lubricated finger at first, and work up to a dildo.

When trying it with a partner for the first time, make sure to lubricate both his penis and your anus, and do it in such a way that you can control the initial penetration speed, angle and depth. If it starts to hurt, just pause at that position or back off slightly until any pain fades, then continue until he’s all the way in. If you need to pause a moment again to adjust to having him inside you, do so, then start slowly moving and let him take more control as you get comfortable with it. Don’t hesitate to pause again if something starts to hurt.

Combining anal penetration with clitoral stimulation can help a lot when you’re first starting out, both to relax you and to help start interpreting anal penetration as something pleasurable. It’s not necessary for everyone, but if you have difficulty with anal, give it a try.

Good luck and enjoy!

Message: Why Did I Wait So Long to Try Anal?

Anonymous: I did anal for my first time last night with my bf and oh my god why did I wait so long?? It felt sooo good and I came from it before he was done which I never do from vaginal! I told my bf we’re going to be doing a LOT more of this, and he couldn’t stop grinning. ? I kinda want to go anal only already but one step at a time right? Thank you for all the advice you post, it really helped a lot and I’m so glad I found it.

It’s always great to hear from people who read up on what to do to enjoy anal, follow the advice, and discover how great anal is as a result. Congratulations on the great experience, and enjoy your continued exploration of anal! If you’re already orgasming from it, it sounds like you’re very much naturally inclined to enjoy and likely prefer anal.

Unless you’re both really serious about wanting to go anal only, I would suggest focusing for now on being able to do it regularly, getting fully used to it without getting sore or injured, and gradually increase the frequency you do it—especially if you’re transitioning to anal from frequent vaginal. Once you can comfortably do it 3 or more times a week, then consider going anal only for a month or two as a trial period to see how you enjoy it.

How Much Prep Do You Need Once You’re Anal Only?

Anonymous: Being anal only for as long as you have, do you need much prep to have anal sex or play? Do you need to stretch or clean or is your ass always ready to take it? I’ve been anal only for one month and just in one month I can see the difference and how easier it is to take my boyfriend. I even noticed we don’t need as much lube as we used to.

ilikeitintheass: My ass is nearly always ready to be fucked. I don’t do much prep unless I’m having an off day “bowel movement-wise”. As for stretching, I don’t need to do that. Just some lube or spit, and I can slip in my fingers or my toys in my ass easily. Same when a guy fucks me. I noticed this too with the last guy i fucked who is bigger than am used to. And he pushed himself in and my ass just opened up for him. He was big and I wasn’t used to him but within minutes he was deep in my ass.

I think this is the training and consistency of being anal only.

Message: Do Frequent Enemas Cause Problems?

Anonymous: But do this cleaning on the ass often to do anal does not cause disease?

I am not a doctor, but in my experience, cleaning just the rectum with a small amount of water is fine and will not cause any issues with intestinal flora imbalance. If you regularly do deep enemas where you fully flush out the colon, you might be more at risk for causing an imbalance, but that simply isn’t something necessary for the vast majority of people to do before anal, and even a rectal flush may not be necessary in many circumstances.

Difference Between Anal and Other Orgasms

Anonymous: Can you describe the difference between anal orgasms and non anal orgasms?

ilikeitintheass: Anal orgasms are always full body orgasms. I feel it everywhere. As soon as the orgasm subsides, I am still horny and i want to keep having more and more and more orgasms. To keep getting fucked, to squirt and explode and even then, still have the desire and energy for more anal orgasms.

Non-Anal orgasms can sometimes be full body orgasms. Sometimes they’re big and sometimes they are small. But after one or two, maybe three, for those that can have multiple orgasms, a lot of women lose the desire for more orgasms and they want to stop. Some women lose the desire for sex for days, weeks.

Anal orgasms keep me horny. Non anal orgasms don’t. But they both feel incredible.