Message: Train a Girl to be Anal Only

Anonymous: how would you train a girl to be anal only?

This depends on so many different factors that it’s hard to provide an answer without more specifics.

Does she like anal? Does she want to try becoming anal only? Can she orgasm from anal only? If not, does learning to orgasm from anal only without her clit interest her? The answers to these things and more would dictate the best approach towards anal only.

If she does like anal and is open to the idea of trying to become anal only, a trial period of 1 to 3 months anal only without an initial longer term commitment is a good approach. Full immersion, but with only a short term personal commitment/challenge to start things out. Whether she uses her clit depends on whether she can orgasm and get pleasure from anal without it. If she can, trying to go without clit stimulation can be a good addition to things, but isn’t necessary to be anal only, and go all out on clit stimulation if it’s necessary.

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