The Key to Enjoying Anal as a Woman

captaincosmos54: What would you say is the key to enjoying anal as a woman? I LOVE anal, but can hardly ever find women willing to try it because they’re afraid they won’t enjoy it.

showmehowyouneedit: While I can’t speak for all women, I’d be happy to share what makes it enjoyable for me.

I was lucky enough to start my anal journey with a very patient, caring man. He took his time ensuring I was prepared and started small. He let me feel completely in control of the experience and I liked it because I never felt pressured but, at the same time, I liked pushing myself in order to do something that was enjoyable for him.

I think it’s important to let her know that she can stop if she doesn’t like it. Start with licking and fingers as long as she’s okay with it. You can eventually move to small plugs to use during sex.

Personally, I’d say the key is patience.

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racercplI have to tell the story. My piece of Candy and I had been doing anal quite a bit, when we decided to try enemas. Well she then was relaxed and wasn’t worried about being dirty that she had an anal orgasm. It was a really intense orgasm that blew her mind!! Now it’s not me asking if I can fuck her ass, it’s her telling me to!!

iamthegirlwhodreams: I love anal as well. I think the key for me is for a man to enter slowly. Once he’s in, I can take a pounding as hard as my pussy. It feels amazing!!

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