Month: December 2017

Message: Should I Just Not Let Guys Fuck My Pussy Anymore?

Anonymous: I like anal more than vaginal but if a guy wants my pussy I let him. I like the idea of being anal only, though. Should I just not let guys fuck my pussy anymore? I don’t think I’d miss it.

If you prefer anal and want to be anal only, go for it! You might disappoint some guys who want vaginal, but you can’t please everyone. You might convince some of them that anal only is better, though, if they give it a chance. Girls who have vaginal sex are everywhere, but anal only girls are relatively rare and very special. If they can’t recognize that, it’s their loss.

Enjoy being anal only, and let us know how it goes!

Anal Only 2018 Resolutions

If you aren’t already living the anal only lifestyle, the new year is a perfect opportunity to take it out of the realm of fantasy and fully embrace it going forward. Make it your new year’s resolution for 2018 to give up vaginal sex and go anal only.

If you are already anal only, this can be a chance to reassess how anal only has been for you since you’ve started, whether you want to continue, and strengthen your commitment to it if you feel that it’s what you still want. It can also be an opportunity to mix things up a bit and explore more fun and related things—whether that be clitoral denial/anal only orgasms, ass to mouth, long term plug wearing, increased anal training, more frequent anal sex, or anything else you might think of.

If you’ve been anal only in the past but fell out of the habit and are finding yourself drawn to it again, take the new year as a sign that now’s the time to get back into the anal only lifestyle. Sometimes taking a break from it can be what it takes to make you realize that being anal only full time is what you really want and to dive back in stronger than ever.

Happy new year to everyone in (and interested in) the anal only community!

Message: An Anal Resolution

Anonymous: I am in a ddlg relationship and starting in the new year my resolution is to have more anal sex with my daddy? it just feels so right when he fucks my asshole. I can’t wait to convert myself into a 100% anal only girl?

Sounds like an excellent new year’s resolution! I presume from your wording that you won’t be going immediately anal only in the new year, but will just work on increasing the frequency of anal sex for now and then at some point in the future transition to anal only? That’s an approach that has worked for many couples, a slow transition to anal only until you just haven’t had vaginal sex anymore for a while and decide not to go back to it because you don’t miss it.

Good luck and happy new year!

Message: Articles

Anonymous: You used to post a lot of articles, both your own and quotes and stuff from other articles you found and you would respond to, I liked that a lot. Maybe do some more of that again?

I had forgotten all about some of those!

I’d love to do more original writing/articles on various aspects of the anal only lifestyle. I made some noise about this earlier this year, asking for suggestions on topics, and received some good feedback but didn’t follow through. I’d like to correct that (and I also welcome even more suggestions on topics people would like to see covered) going forward.

I’m also open to doing some more quoting of and responding to articles/stories/online commentary about anal/anal only, but I haven’t seen as much discussion to comment on of late. Google’s search quality for anal topics and sexual topics in general has really gone downhill, and content that still exists online often can’t be found through Google anymore.

Message: Learning How to Orgasm Without Touching My Clit

fat-femme-and-dtfAny advice for learning how to come without clitoral stimulation? I really love anal penetration but I’ve never orgasmed without touching my clit.

Try going without your clit for a while and just focusing on what feels good with anal stimulation. If you feel something growing that feels like it could become an orgasm, keep doing that. It can take practice, and sometimes a while without using your clit, both to become more aroused—which makes orgasming easier—and to stop providing such an easy shortcut to orgasm that can make it hard to develop other paths to orgasm.

Another technique is to continue using your clit but over time reducing it to the bare minimum needed to cum and touching it less and less until you only need the slightest touch at the point of orgasm, and then work to minimize or eliminate even that.

And another trick some women use is to drink water before a session so you need to pee, which applies internal pressure to pleasurable areas, repositions things a little bit, and generally makes you more sensitive, which can make orgasm easier.

Good luck!

Message: How Can She Enjoy Anal More?

Anonymous: How can I get my girl to enjoy anal more? She lets me play around a little bit but doesn’t enjoy the act itself. How do I fix that?

Does she want to do it more and learn to enjoy it? Wanting it is a rather important first step, and not being that into the idea of even trying can make it a lot harder to move past that point. So I would talk with her about it first, see if she’s interested, and tell her that you’d like to get to where you can both enjoy and share it together but that you’re okay going at her pace so that you make sure she does enjoy it.

I would start by focusing on the things that she does like and not pressuring her to push too far past that for now. If she doesn’t enjoy anal sex, but does enjoy certain forms of anal play, that’s a pretty clear sign that she’s just not ready for anal sex yet. Start doing the things she does enjoy with more frequency. Rim her. Finger her or use smaller toys on her. Combine these things with other things she enjoys. Buy her a butt plug she can wear during oral, etc. Gradually work her up in size as she’s comfortable doing so, until she can comfortably fit a dildo similar to your size. It’s all about gradual, incremental increases in size. If you jump straight to anal sex with someone who easily finds it painful or uncomfortable, it’s often too much all at once. Warmup and training is important for a lot of people.

I’d also suggest reading through the Anal Advice category here, which covers a lot of similar questions.

Message: Train a Girl to be Anal Only

Anonymous: how would you train a girl to be anal only?

This depends on so many different factors that it’s hard to provide an answer without more specifics.

Does she like anal? Does she want to try becoming anal only? Can she orgasm from anal only? If not, does learning to orgasm from anal only without her clit interest her? The answers to these things and more would dictate the best approach towards anal only.

If she does like anal and is open to the idea of trying to become anal only, a trial period of 1 to 3 months anal only without an initial longer term commitment is a good approach. Full immersion, but with only a short term personal commitment/challenge to start things out. Whether she uses her clit depends on whether she can orgasm and get pleasure from anal without it. If she can, trying to go without clit stimulation can be a good addition to things, but isn’t necessary to be anal only, and go all out on clit stimulation if it’s necessary.

Message: More Interaction!

Anonymous: More interaction with your followers would be great! I like reading people’s stories and seeing your responses and advice to people’s questions and issues.

I agree! I love chatting with followers, posting their shared experiences, and giving advice. But there’s two sides to any of that, and people have to ask me questions and share their stories for me to be able to post them. So by all means, I encourage everyone to do so. However big or small a question, whatever the story, feel free to ask or share at any time! That goes for private messages as well, if you don’t want a public conversation you can always message me via Tumblr’s chat.

And of course don’t forget the Anal Only Lifestyle forum and Anal Only Lifestyle Discord server — there’s a good bit of such interaction that takes place in both of those places, so if you aren’t participating you’re probably missing out on a lot of it.

Message: More Challenges

Anonymous: I’d love to see more challenges throughout the year instead of just at the end of the year. Maybe a couple of basic anal only challenges as well as some more advanced ones for people who are already anal only?

This is a great idea, and I’ve been thinking of spreading them out for a while now anyway—more on that to come.

No Pussy November (and other challenges) have always encouraged people who are already anal only to try adding an additional challenge component to their routine for the month—whether clitoral denial/anal only orgasms, ass to mouth, 24/7 plugging, double anal, or whatever goal suits each person. It could be interesting to have a monthly challenge specifically for one of the various more niche elements of the anal only lifestyle, though. A month where everyone is encouraged to experiment with clit denial. A month where everyone is encouraged to wear a plug as often as possible. And so on, as an opportunity to explore new ideas and then incorporate them into their full time routine after if they enjoyed it.

I’d be interested in people’s feedback on that, as well as suggestions for such challenges—specifically with relation to the anal only theme—to be utilized going forward.

2017 Anal Only Lifestyle Roundup

With 2017 nearly over and done for most of us, it’s time to reflect on what this year brought for the Anal Only Lifestyle and its community. In some regards it was a quieter year than others, in others it was very active and a giant leap forward.

The number of people talking about anal only online continues to grow, both on and off Tumblr, and that’s always a wonderful thing. Whether just discussing the idea, talking about one’s own interest in trying anal only, or documenting personal experiences, it all helps increase exposure and further normalize the idea of anal sex and of people preferring anal. The goal isn’t to force everyone to be anal only, but to level the playing field and get to where an anal only lifestyle is seen as one of multiple normal and legitimate choices for people, as well as to encourage more people to experiment with anal only and see if it’s something they enjoy, rather than simply saying “oh, I could never do that” and never even trying it.

Along those lines, the the number of people talking openly about enjoying anal sex in general, and the increased availability of good information about anal pleasure and proper technique continues to encourage more people to explore anal and discover how amazing it actually is. This can only ever be an excellent thing, and as time progresses more and more people will try anal for themselves and see why it’s so beloved.

Our anal only challenge months this year (Anal Only August and No Pussy November) were active but a bit more publicly quiet than in past years, especially in terms of other people posting and sharing their progress on Tumblr. I suspect part of this is due to changes to Tumblr that made this blog (and most other adult oriented blogs) hidden from the rest of the web and all external search engines, preventing a lot of non-Tumblr users from accessing or interacting with it without creating a Tumblr account and following it, as well as preventing discovery for new people outside of Tumblr. There may have been other factors as well, and I hope in the future to further grow these annual events into the more widespread periods of experimentation and celebration they should be.

The community has grown significantly this year, and this is probably our biggest and most positive change. In 2016, we started expanding to kik and then IRC to provide a realtime chat environment for people interested in anal and the anal only lifestyle to interact with each other in a faster-paced, more ephemeral environment. Our forum is a fantastic resource, but a bit more formal than a chat platform. Unfortunately, technical limitations made community growth difficult with both kik and IRC, so in mid-2017 we made the transition to an Anal Only Lifestyle Discord server, which is easy to use for just about anyone, and which has really taken off since then. We’ve got channels for general discussion, advice, porn sharing, personal nudes sharing, and more (with even more coming in the future!). If you aren’t there yet, stop by, read the rules, and say hi—there’s always plenty of room for more!

So what’s next for 2018? Well, first, I’d like to hear from all of you. What would you like to see the anal only lifestyle community become? Share your ideas, and stay tuned for a post in the next few days with some of my own ideas going forward.