Month: October 2017

Message: Will Anal Only Help Me Enjoy Sex More?

Anonymous: One problem I’ve had with sex with anyone, is that I can’t feel a damned thing down there. I still enjoy it greatly but it makes my boyfriend feel inadequate and he can’t enjoy it as much. We both kind of have an aversion to the idea of anal as we both have bowel problems (surely that could be useful, though) but do you think it would give us the pleasure we’re both after?

It’s definitely worth a try! Everyone is different, but a lot of women who don’t get much sensation out of vaginal sex find that anal can give them the pleasure that they need. I’ve talked with many women over the years who couldn’t enjoy vaginal for various reasons and who finally had a satisfying sex life after going anal only.

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hypnotic-sliver: My cunt is on the larger side and my main play partner is on the smaller side so vaginal doesn’t do a lot for me by itself, though some positions are better. Usually I prefer anal with him.

Message: She Craves Her Pussy When We Go Anal Only

onlyperverteddreamsWe both like and enjoy anal. But if we go anal-only for a few days – she’s craving to get fucked in the pussy. Any ideas to lead her to anal-only?

Try working towards it gradually. If she can only go anal only for 3 days, do regular 3 day sessions of anal only. After a few months of 3 days anal only, then some vaginal for a few days, then 3 days anal only, etc., try going for 5 days instead, and keep increasing the time.

Message: Hard to Relax, Worried About Getting Stretched Out

whyuaskinmeI love anal sex… but I have 2 problems. It’s difficult for me to relax enough to keep going for very long, my fault not his. I want him to cum in me more often, I think it’s only been twice unfortunately. The other is more of a concern actually…. I’m worried about getting too stretched out for obvious reasons. Any help?

Practice makes perfect for learning to relax and stay relaxed for anal sex. Start masturbating anally more regularly, and wear a butt plug before having sex.

As for your concern about getting “stretched out”, that just doesn’t really happen. Think of anal stretching as more of a muscle stretch like before exercise, it warms you up, increases your flexibility, and makes you less likely to injure yourself. It doesn’t make your muscles weak or “loose”. Your natural resting state will still be tight. Even people who engage in more extreme play with huge toys or fisting on a regular basis are still tight again if they stop playing for a while. So don’t worry about that at all, enjoy training your ass and having anal sex as much as you like!

In fact, the only real effect of doing it more often will be that it will be easier to relax and able to enjoy sex much more.

Message: Starting No Pussy November Early

pixi-fox: My boyfriend decided to start no pussy November early since we’re mostly anal anyway. My cunt just can’t take a fucking like my ass so we’re enjoying no pussy already and love it.

Congratulations, it sounds like No Pussy November, and starting it early, is exactly right for you! If you’re loving it this much already, who knows—by the end of the month you’ll probably realize you want to stay anal only.

Message: Anal Only Tattoos & Piercings

Anonymous: I’ve decided to get the “Anal Only” tattoo on my pussy! Booked for the 1st November but I’m also getting “Anal Whore” on my ass cheeks and my pussy pierced shut. Just a shame there’s nothing I can do to kill my clit! So excited and perfect timing for no pussy November!

Sounds like the perfect combination, I’m glad to hear that you’re going for it. And remember: just because your clit still works doesn’t mean you ever have to use it if you don’t want to!

Message: My Only Regret is Not Going Anal Only Sooner

Anonymous: It’s gotten to the point where it hurts to use my pussy at all. I’m all anal and my only regret is I didn’t try it sooner.

That is a fairly universal regret amongst anal only women who spent time on their pussy in the past, wishing that they never had and had been and stayed fully anal only. You can make up for it by never using your pussy again, though!

Message: Staying Anal Only For Life, And Getting A Tattoo

Anonymous: I lost my anal virginity back when I was 19 and since then only done anal. I’m 22 now and now I’ve seen your page I’ve decided to stay anal only for life. The slut in me is even considering getting “Anal Only” tattood somewhere on my body. 🙊

A most excellent decision to stay anal only for good, I’m really glad to hear that! I think a nice “Anal Only” tattoo over your pussy would do wonderfully to commemorate that decision.

Message: She’s Scared of My Size for Anal

Anonymous: I’m trying to get my wife more into anal but she complains it hurts sometimes. What can I do to get her more into it? She is open to it but only once in a while and she has not moved past butt plugs either. I have to penetrate her. She is scared of my size. Any suggestions?

If it hurts her, don’t go that far yet. Work to get up to where it doesn’t hurt to play with toys similar to your size first, then move back to sex. Make it about her enjoyment of it and pleasure. Give her lots of orgasms while stimulating and penetrating her ass with fingers/toys. Eat her ass. Make her crave it and want it and beg for it and not be afraid of it.

On “Anal Only” as Punishment

friskyb: People are always tossing around the phrase “anal only” like it’s a *bad* thing, or at least not to be desired. Girls being threatened with anal only if they come. Or with anal only if they don’t do enough edges. Even outside of edging and denial, a lot of people seem to think that’s just the worst thing ever.

So I guess, reblog this if you think that anal only is a *reward*, not a punishment.