Month: August 2017

Message: Announcing an Anal Only Relationship

porngiflover87: Less of a question, and more of an announcement! I started talking to a man recently. He was curious of my past sexual experiences, including a relationship that was almost exclusively anal only sex. We have decided to make a go at a relationship, but with anal only sex. He has agreed to ruin my pussy for any future use. I couldn’t be happier!!! I just had to share the good news with someone!! Thank you for the amazing blog, I love it!!

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the anal only sex!

Message: Diarrhea After Anal Sex

Anonymous: Anon about upset stomach. Diarrhea after anal sex, it may be due latex condom but in vaginal sex I never had problems…

That could be a latex sensitivity, or could be a reaction to the lube. As @slutprogrammer noted in his response to your original question, an adverse reaction to glycerin in lube can manifest that way for some people. Try an alternate glycerin-free lube and see if it helps.

Are you giving yourself an enema first? Sometimes people are a bit overzealous with their anal douching/enemas and go too far to the point that they’re getting water past the rectum into the colon but without fully cleaning out the colon, and the water “activates” the digestive system a bit and by the time you’re having sex, or shortly after, it can cause a mess. So take care to avoid that, and just do a light rectal flush at most unless you want to do a deep clean for deep anal play.

New Anal Only Lifestyle Discord Chat Server

First there was a kik group, then there was an IRC channel, and now there is a Discord server. We’re retiring the IRC channel, which served us well, for a number of reasons—not least because so many people had trouble connecting and chatting despite trying repeatedly. Discord is a far more modern group chat solution, will work great through your web browser (or you can install desktop and mobile apps), lets you disconnect and return without missing out on conversation when you get back, message each other even when one is offline, and more! You are invited to join and take part immediately!

For those who have been using the IRC channel and may still connect to it directly, it will remain online for a time and I will redirect people who join there over to the new chat so people don’t miss out.

Click to join the Anal Only Lifestyle Discord Server!

Anal Only August

ilikeitintheass: Am happy to say that am still anal only. Enjoying it and loving it. It’s mid August and I’ve had a few anal sessions. But from today till the end of August, I plan on have anal everyday, or at the least anal stimulation every single day. Am also going to be doing clit denial.

Last time I only managed 1 week on clit denial. Hopefully I can keep up till the end of the month.

I am super excited

Message: Stomach Upset After Anal

Anonymous: Help? What can happen after anal sex? I get my stomach upset but I don’t know why or how can I prevent it…

It depends what you mean in this case by “stomach upset”.

Anal sex can put air into your rectum and colon and cause you to feel a bit gassy and bloated as a result, but that is generally just a short lived effect.

If you were close to needing to go to the bathroom before having anal sex, the sex can move things along more quickly.

Certain lubricants can cause a negative reaction for certain people and cause diarrhea or similar. Similarly, some people experience such reactions from semen in the rectum.

I’ll need more details to provide advice for your particular situation.

Message: Anal For Two

So I’ve tried a few times trying to get my wife to enjoy anal but she let us try it twice and it hurts to much she says my dick is to big i try to explain your asshole is a muscle and she needs to relax so we talked about it and she said if she gets it i get it so we bought a strapon the same size as my dick i was hesitant at first but once it was in i started to really enjoy it know i want it more than she does to the point were she hasn’t let me on her bum since what can i do to get that ass?

Tell her that you really enjoy receiving it and you want to share that pleasure with her now too and that you’ve learned some things from receiving it which will help her enjoy it better as well.

Don’t try to go straight to having anal sex with her. Instead, start small with some fingers and introduce them into your regular play. During oral or vaginal sex, insert a finger anally. Make her cum while she has something in her ass. Gradually add more fingers as she’s ready. Upgrade over time to butt plugs and dildos. Try rimming her. Put the focus on her enjoying anal stimulation. Combine it with lots of other things that feel good for her. Make her want more instead of feeling pressured by you.

Message: Happy and Gaping

Anonymous: My boyfriend pounded the life out of my ass last night. I’m just happy and gaping today.

Congratulations! Keep that gape going with plugs and as much anal as you can get.

The original poster responded:

Anonymous: Oooo we do have as much anal as possible. Sometimes I just lay around naked waiting for him to fuck my butt.

Excellent. And are the two of you anal only yet, or just anal mostly?

And a final follow-up:

Anonymous: We’re anal mostly, but for him. I personally get get very little enjoyment out of vaginal sex, he likes my pussy tho, so sometimes I let him fuck it but it’s usually anal cuz we both prefer it.

Have you told him that you just don’t enjoy vaginal at all, and asked him if he’d be okay with going anal only? Or has he explicitly expressed that he wants to continue having vaginal? You can always try asking for a several month trial of anal only as a fun challenge to have together and see if he’d be into at least trying. You could also try offering something else he wants to do if he’ll go anal only with you.

Are There A Lot of Anal Only Girls Out There?

jd3s90: The reason I’m so interested and have so many questions stems from a conversation about anal only I had with pornstar Adriana Chechik when we met at Exxxotica in Chi. The topic came up because she was wearing this really cute little bikini with anal only on it. I said that I wish I could find a girl like that and she said they are out there u just have to find them. I gave her this look like I don’t know about that. Do u think there r alot girls out there like u and if so how do I find them lol

xcutieclairex: They are definately out there, I’ve not worked out how to find others though. Perhaps try convirting someone whos open to anal by showing them how good it is if you cant find anyone. Xxx