Month: July 2017

Message: How To Give My Girlfriend an Anal Orgasm

drjarvisstrange: Me & my girlfriend discovered an anal pleasure & fun a few months ago. We’re not anal-only yet, but we do it a lot of times, especially on her period time. But I want to know, how can I give her anal orgasm (few weeks ago I read an article about it, but without instructions…)? I want to give my gf as lot pleasure as I can get, but for now, when we do anal, only I have an orgasm. She’s not complaining about it, but I want to make our anal fun more enjoyable for her. Can you help me, please?

Can she orgasm if she plays with her clit during anal? Does she orgasm other times? She may simply not care if she doesn’t cum from anal as long as she does sometimes—many women don’t see an orgasm at the end every single time being essential to enjoying sex.

Beyond that, there are a lot of different ways different people achieve anal orgasm. Some just work over time to slowly reduce the amount of clitoral stimulation needed to cum from anal. Some stop all clitoral stimulation, during anal or otherwise, and let the growing arousal and need to cum help push them over the edge during anal. This can take a while, but can work for some. Everyone’s a bit different, though, and it’s hard to predict what will work for any given person.

Message: Barrier To Avoid Vaginal Contact After Anal?

blessedcyclopeHello. I’m anal only with my gf since a year. We prefer to have anal in a natural way, I mean, she doesn’t put enemas previously to penetration. We don’t have problems the most of the time, but in some ocassions it turns a little bit dirty, you know. We don’t have problems with this dirty stuff, we could say that it turns us on. The problem is vagina, we want to avoid any problem with bacteria, so, do u knowaproduct likea barrier or something to avoid that contact?

I don’t. Just don’t get it in contact with the vagina when it happens?

Message: Enjoy Anal Better Than Vaginal, Worried About Doing It Too Much

toxic-puddin50Hi, female,25. So I’ve always enjoyed anal, like most people who’ve asked you questions, i find it feels better than vaginal. However, I worry about doing it TOO MUCH. As amazing as it is I don’t want to destroy my anus. Can you recomend any technique that might work other than moderation?? Thanks♡♡

As long as you take care of yourself, don’t ignore pain or minor injuries/bleeding and have them grow into something bigger as a result, and pace yourself and take breaks as needed if it starts hurting or getting unpleasantly sore, you can’t have too much anal, and it won’t cause harm to you.

The anus is very tough, and can handle daily sex. Muscles are strengthened through proper use, not weakened. Incontinence/prolapse and other scary sounding things as a result of anal sex are a myth. Enjoy it all you like!

Anal Only August 2017

The time of the year for anal only challenges is upon us. While No Pussy November is our primary annual event, there are those who also enjoy celebrating Anal Only August and so I am announcing a challenge for anyone who would like to participate. It’s quite open-ended and anything related to anal only will qualify you to participate.

Possible goals for the month of August include: experimenting with a month of anal only if you aren’t currently anal only (either solo or with a partner), going a month of pure anal only without clitoral stimulation if you already are anal only and want to step things up, incorporating ass to mouth into your everyday routine if you don’t already do it, working up to 24/7 butt plug wear, or any other ideas you may have!

Feel free to share your goals and experiences with us here or on the forum in the Anal Only August 2017 thread.

Anal Only As Birth Control

melissasdirtypanties: Recently I have found myself contemplating and even fantasizing about going anal and oral only. No more penis in vagina. I have been on the pill for a long time but I have decided to stop taking it because of the negative side effects I was experiencing from the hormones. I really don’t want an IUD. I tried a copper one a few years back but I hated it and had to have it removed. That leaves me with more hormonal methods like the injection or the implant (not an option), or condoms. Apart from feeling terrible for both of us, condoms always make my vagina sore afterwards in a way that unprotected sex just never has, even using lube. Sucking a cock or eating a pussy after a condom has been worn tastes nasty. Then there are my worries over the use of parabens and other potentially harmful chemicals in condoms. Parabens have been banned from use in the European Union, yet they are still legal here in the United States, and they don’t have to be listed on packaging when used. Glycerin is used as a water-based lube on most condoms, it transforms into sugars inside your pussy and can give you a nasty yeast infection.

Then my partner mischievously suggested this: “Perhaps we could just go anal and oral only? That sounds like a good way of birth control. I can still eat your pussy and finger you, but put my cock and all my cum just in your mouth and butthole. Deal?”. The more I think about his idea, his proposal, the more it seems like a fantastic plan. I don’t want to be on any birth control anymore. It is the only fool proof way of contraception left to us (beyond a vasectomy and he is not ready yet; and I totally understand and respect that). If I don’t get semen in my pussy then it is all good, no babies. I have tentatively and excitedly accepted. It is all natural, no synthetic hormones, no painful foreign objects, no potentially negative side effects from contraceptives to spoil all our fun. All I need to do is accept that I won’t feel his majestic cock inside my pussy anymore. No semen means no cock. I will however, feel it stretch out my butthole and fill my throat. The more I think about him using my ass and throat like they were my cunt, the more turned on I get. I’m wet just writing this. I’m also imagining using my dildo to fill my pussy and then Sir fucking my asshole at the same time, double penetration. I’m practicing stretching out my butthole with a plug as I type this. This is going to be a fun experiment.

Bisous ???


Message: Girlfriend Cheated, I Said We Had To Go Anal Only To Continue

Anonymous: Hi, I really do like this blog and well I would like to share something with you. I have been dating my girlfriend for almost 3 yrs now. I have always liked anal and my gf hadn’t done it before. We started doing it and then she loved it. Thing is almost when we were at 1 yr of relationship she cheated on me with another guy. Since then I can’t imagine myself fucking her in her pussy anymore so I told her we would go anal only otherwise we might as well break up. Now I punish her ass everyday.

While I’m not a fan of manipulating someone into the anal only lifestyle, if she cheated on you and afterwards, you were open about going anal only being a requirement for you to continue your relationship and she agreed, that seems fair if it works for the two of you.

Message: Meeting Men as an Anal Only Woman

Anonymous: AO female – where can I meet men?

Meet men like you would any other way, and as you get to know them enough that sex comes up as a topic of conversation, tell them that you’re an anal only woman and not interested in vaginal sex at all. Go into that expecting that not all men will be interested, but that some will. Don’t open with it, necessarily, but bring it up early enough that if he isn’t interested, you don’t waste too much time getting to that point and can move on to the next guy.

You can also try Fetlife or having a personal AO blog on Tumblr, as a woman both can be a way to find guys with similar interests.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

Anonymous: For the anon who asked about meeting men, there are many of us who are totally into anal only. There are no pregnancy worries. To me it seems even more intimate. Giving a woman an orgasm through anal is a rewarding experience. So yes, we are here!

Indeed, there are many men and women both out there who either are, want to be, or like the idea of being anal only. The challenge is just finding and meeting those people.

An Anal Only Update

ilikeitintheass: I haven’t touched my pussy in a very long time. Even before I started anal only. Since I started counting, I’ve been anal only for over 4 weeks.

Of those 4 weeks, I was anal only and on clit denial for one week only.

When I have sex or masturbate, there’s always anal stimulation. My pussy remains untouched. I do have my off days when I don’t want to touch myself or be touched at all, but when I’m back to it, it’s always clit and ass.

I really want to be on clit denial for a while. I am not sure why, I just want to see how long I can do that for. It’s very easy to reach for my clit and I really want to test my own limits. I do orgasm from anal only without clit stimulation, but it’s a long process that sometimes lasts days until I reach a full blown anal orgasm.

I really want to orgasm from anal only quickly. Because when I want a quickie or if I masturbate, I can’t orgasm from just anal stimulation without clit stimulation. So I end up feeling even more horny with a lot of pent up energy. A nice feeling if I’m edging, not so nice when I’m in need of a quick release.

That’s why I haven’t been able to continue on clit denial for longer than a week at a time.

Any tips and thoughts are appreciated.

Not Giving Up Yet

This was originally posted on the companion porn blog on Tumblr, which I was considering ending posting to after Tumblr blocked public access to adult content for non-logged-in users in July of 2017.

After thinking it over last night and this morning, I’ve decided not to end posting here. Despite the external block preventing a lot of new people from finding this blog, I still have over 120,000 followers here who enjoy and make use of this blog, and I don’t want to give up on or abandon all you awesome people. Until there is a better option available, I will continue posting here and updating this blog as well as exploring other options elsewhere and working to build into even more of a community beyond just the forum. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for that, please reach out and share them.

Message: Anal Agony After Two Months Anal Only

Anonymous: So me and my girlfriend have been anal only for about two months now and things have been great! However, today we were about to have sex and I was doing my usual foreplay with a dildo in her ass but after only a few seconds of the dildo in her ass she screamed in agony (mind you the dildo is a lot smaller than my penis) and I took the dildo out and there was a tiny little bit of blood on it… why all of a sudden did a small dildo hurt when we’ve been having frequent anal for two months now?

It could be that she just wasn’t quite expecting it or prepared for it, or the shape, hardness, or angle was off from what she’s used to, and so her muscles tensed up instead of letting it in. Let her recover for a few days before trying again, and go a little more slowly at first for a while.