Month: June 2017

Message: Broke Up With Anal Only Girlfriend, Now She Wants Back

Anonymous: So my most recent girlfriend dated for a year and a half and We were anal only for the last six months, we broke up about a month ago and now she’s trying to get back together with me, and she’s concerned that she lost all progress with anal because she stopped touching her ass when we broke up and she’s afraid jumping back into the anal only lifestyle after taking a month off will be painful for her… but I don’t want to touch her pussy… what should I do?

If you’re interested in getting back together with her, do so, but tell her up front that you are only interested in being anal only so that she knows for sure what she’d be getting into and can choose whether that’s what she wants as well.

If she’s concerned, ease into it a bit. Give her a little time to readjust to anal and anal only again—it will take less time than she thinks. Focus more on oral at first if she needs to get used to it again.

Message: Always Felt Guilty Fingering My Pussy

Anonymous: (ass and pussy virgin) i’ve always felt wrong and guilty when i finger my pussy or cum from my clit. i’ve always imagined to have a cock in my ass more often than in my pussy. thought i was the only one who felt that way, am so new to this no-pussy ass-only community!! seeing blogs like this give me motivation. i want to fully convert to an ass-only cumslut, but i am unsure and need so much support…… love your blog ❤️

Feeling guilty from masturbation and orgasms is not uncommon, but it sounds like perhaps you have had a natural urge to be anal only for quite some time, even if you haven’t always recognized it as a viable option?

Since it interests you so much, I would suggest simply to start embracing the anal only lifestyle. Try to go strictly anal only and masturbate by rubbing and fingering your ass instead. Use toys and butt plugs if available to you, see if you can make yourself orgasm from anal on its own. If you end up finding that you can’t easily cum from just anal and get too frustrated to continue, try staying anal only for penetration but add your clit back into the mix and use it to trigger orgasms during anal play only. Plenty of anal only women use and enjoy their clit during anal sex. Clitoral denial is another step beyond anal only, and not for everyone. Do try it if you are interested, but don’t feel like you can’t be anal only if you still need your clit to enjoy it. You can also try it repeatedly over time as you become more comfortable with being anal only and phase out your clit from your play more gradually.

Good luck, and I do very much encourage you to go anal only like you want to. Keep us updated, or message me if you would like to discuss anything further.

Message: Don’t Enjoy Vaginal, Want to be Anal Only, But I Need My Clit

Anonymous: So ever since I first had sex I never really enjoyed vaginal sex. When I first had anal sex I really loved it but even though it brings me so much more pleasure, to this day I cannot cum without clit stimulation. I really want to be anal only so do you have any advice on how I could possibly change this but still get my much needed release?

You can be anal only and still use your clit. Some find pure anal orgasms without clitoral stimulation to be more enjoyable, but it’s not required to consider yourself anal only. Why not start for now by stopping all vaginal sex and only doing anal, with clit stimulation when you need it?

If you would like to try and get to where you don’t need your clit, you can then focus on trying to minimize usage and trying to get to pure anal orgasms, but that is a separate step, something extra, not an integral part of being anal only.

Message: Improve My Anal Skills

Anonymous: How can i improve mi anal skills sir? I want to be an anal slut

Practice regularly. Start to masturbate anally instead of vaginally—any time you masturbate, make sure you either finger your ass, wear a plug, or use a dildo anally. Start wearing a plug often even when not masturbating. Do this approximately daily for a few weeks and you should already notice an increase in your anal abilities and skills.

Message: Advice on Fissures, Bowels & Plugs

intersexboi: Dear Sir, I’am an intersexed boy slave and am currently training to be an anal slut to please my Master. But I’m having some issues and hope You could help. 1) I am extremely sensitive so I need lots of lube to not get fissures. Will that get better? 2) My bowels are easily triggered, will that get better as well? 3) I’ve read your exquisit advice on wearing a plug daily, how long would you recommend wearing it for starters? Thanks in advance for Your time & effort, Sir!

If you are experiencing fissures from anal play or sex, you’re doing too much too quickly. Stick with smaller, gentler play and the use of semi-small plugs for now until you can do so regularly with no pain or injury, and gradually work up in size from that point, incrementally increasing the size and again sticking at that size until you can consistently play without injuring yourself, and repeat.

If by your bowels being triggered you mean you get an uncomfortable feeling of needing to go to the bathroom, that will often fade as you learn more to focus on anal pleasure points and distinguish between the need to poop vs. something being in your ass for sexual reasons. If you mean it’s triggering an actual need to poop, then you should clean yourself out more before sex and play (or else have gone too deep with an enema and sped things along). If your digestive habits are fairly consistent and reliable, you can generally just get away with a small anal douche to flush out the rectum and nothing further. Going deeper into the colon requires a lot more work, and a partial job will just make more of a mess than doing nothing at all. Wearing a butt plug for a while before play/sex can also help speed anything along in advance if you’re on the edge of needing to poop.

The maximum time to wear a plug should always be for as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. If it starts to hurt or become uncomfortable, take it out and try again later. With practice, you’ll be able to comfortably wear one for longer.

An Anal Only Challenge

piggy-cunt: Tomorrow, June 21st 2017, it is my birthday. I am turning 26 years old and I am a pretty useless cunt all around. I am unowned, fat, and I have no self control when it comes to anything, especially edging- I always go over the edge. I have thought about going anal-only for a long time, but never really had the motivation to make the decision myself. I am thinking, now, that if I can have discipline in this endeavor I might be able to stick to some other rules too.

So, I want to do an experiment. For every note this post gets I will not touch my cunt for pleasure for a full 24 hours, starting at midnight on my 26th birthday. Hopefully this will get lots of notes and my anal-only period will last a long time. Maybe it won’t get a lot of notes and it will be short. Who knows, it is now up to fate and the internet.

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