Spreading the Anal Only Lifestyle

As it is, the anal only lifestyle remains a rather small niche in the world of sexual preferences and activities. There are certainly many of us out there, but nevertheless relative to the global population it’s quite a small number and many haven’t even heard of or considered the idea as something legitimate and respectable.

That’s why it’s important for those who engage in the anal only lifestyle and who prefer anal sex to share that fact more openly. Express your love for it, how happy and satisfied it makes you, how sexy it is to be anal only. Obviously, this is not appropriate conversation for all people, but if you have friends who you are comfortable talking about sex with, talk about loving the anal only lifestyle, and if you get curious or interested reactions from anyone, encourage them to try it for themselves. Explain how much fun an anal only challenge for a month—or even a few weeks—can be, to spice things up, make things interesting, and try something new, and how many people choose to remain anal only when they’re done, just because it was so much fun.

For those not in a committed anal only relationship, or with multiple play partners, your partners probably already know about your anal only status, but if they are only anal only with you, you could encourage them to try it with other partners in addition to you. If you desire to be anal only but haven’t made it strict for all your partners, consider declaring your anal only status and starting to strictly enforce it if that’s what you want to pursue for yourself.

Anal only isn’t something that should be kept hidden away like a shameful secret. It doesn’t need to be advertised to the world, but among trusted friends who you already talk about sex with, proudly proclaiming your love for anal sex and the fact that you’re anal only and won’t have vaginal sex can help lead towards positive change and encourage others to experiment with the same. Some will no doubt find it strange, but own what you like and most will respect that, and some will be intrigued.

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