Month: May 2017

Message: Girlfriend Came & Squirted From Her First Time Anal, But Can’t Repeat It

Anonymous: A week ago, me and my girlfriend tried anal for the 1st time. All went as it should it was awesome, she squirted all over the bed as I was in doggyanal position. It was her 1st time squirting, we tried to do it again a couple of days ago and I failed to make her quiet, any idea why this may have happen, why was it that she didn’t squirt this time around. Now she loves Anal and want me to make her squirt again, she said the orgasm was intense and very different from a vaginal orgasm.

Congratulations on the successful first time anal. The fact you both enjoyed it is a great sign for lots more anal to come.

Given it was her first experience with it, it’s not too surprising that she might not squirt every time just yet. She’s still getting used it and learning about the various sensations that can come about. With more practice, she’ll likely be able to more easily identify how it feels when you’re hitting her just right and causing it to build up to make her squirt, and tell you what to keep doing to make that happen. Keep enjoying the anal for now, and keep communicating to each other what feels good and what feels like it might make her squirt and I’m sure you’ll get there again before long.

Message: How To Last Longer With Anal?

Anonymous: Hi, im a bloke and i love anal with my gf. The only issue is everytime i get my dick inside her ass i wanna bust straight away! Do you have any tips for me to last longer so me and my gf can enjoy the wonder of anal? Thanks

The same tips that apply to lasting longer for sex in general would also apply for anal. Try slowing down, exercising and strengthening your PC muscles (the muscles you use to stop peeing), practicing edging (while some will edge as its own sex act, it can also be very useful for helping to identify the “point of no return” and back away from it), etc.

More general information and more details on the above can be easily found online. Even if it doesn’t apply for you with vaginal sex, the exercises can still be beneficial for the increased stimulation from anal.

Message: Girlfriend Can’t Get Enough Sex After Going Anal Only

Anonymous: To me, the best thing about anal only isn’t even the sensation or the fantasy, it’s that since we got into it, my girlfriend can’t get enough of sex. She used to turn down sex a lot, but giving up her pussy and her clit turned her into total slut that can’t get enough of my cock. She’s always ready for sex, and even makes the first move from time to time (nothing beats being woken up by a blowjob)! And she’s much more open to try new things than she used to. Yay anal!

There are a lot of reasons why anal only is the way to go, and this is definitely one of them. Going anal only really improves libido for women and sometimes for men as well. Nearly everyone who does it reports an increase in frequency for and desire of sex. Denying pussy and clit makes a woman want to get fucked in her ass even more. Funny how that works. Anal orgasms have less of an arousal-suppressing effect, despite generally feeling better than clit orgasms.

Message: Should I Be Worried My Girlfriend Prefers Anal & Dislikes Vaginal?

Anonymous: Is it weird for a girl to dislike vaginal stimulation entirely? My girlfriend only wants me to pay attention to her ass during sex, and she’s even told me that she’s always exclusively played with her butt when she masturbates. I was a bit shocked at first, since she’s a very prim and proper kind of girl, but now I’m really starting to prefer anal as well. Should I be worried at all?

Worried about what? There’s absolutely nothing to be worried about. Everybody has different physical and experiential pleasure centers and triggers, and yes, some women dislike vaginal stimulation or even experience discomfort and pain from it, instead preferring anal even for masturbation. It’s more common than you might think, in fact, for some girls to start masturbating and/or having sex anally and then staying that way (or wanting to) because vaginal doesn’t feel as good to them.

Enjoy it together and enjoy each other. Like you said, you’re starting to prefer anal now as well. So keep doing what you both prefer. Happy buttfucking!

Message: Training Myself to be Anal Only

Anonymous: I train my asshole every single night to prepare myself to become the anal-only girl that I was meant to be❤️ my husband and I absolutely adore the feeling of anal, and we’re definitely considering going 100% anal once I’ve trained enough for it!

That’s wonderful that you’re able to share and explore this together and work towards the goal of being 100% anal only. Remember that some of the best training, if you’re already having and enjoying anal sex, can be to just gradually increase the frequency with which you have anal.

Message: Making Anal Less Painful

Anonymous: How can I make anal less painful?

Anal shouldn’t be painful at all. If it hurts, you probably aren’t ready to have anal sex yet and should focus more on anal masturbation/training before resuming anal sex.

Experiment with how many fingers or what size toys you can fit in your ass without it hurting. Make sure you use lube. Start at the small end and work up in size gradually after warming up and getting used to each size. If it hurts when you go up in size or add a finger, go back down in size again for a while and try again.

After you can easily and regularly fit 3 or more fingers in your ass, get yourself a nice butt plug about 1.5″ at the widest and start wearing it when you masturbate, and for half an hour or more before you have sex.

When you’ve been anally masturbating for a while and feel ready to try having anal sex again, wear the plug for a while first, then when you do the initial penetration with your partner, take control at first of how deep and fast to take him. If it starts to hurt, pause a moment. Push out as if going to the bathroom to help relax and open up. Resume. Repeat as necessary. As you can take him in all the way and start speeding up, he can start moving as well or taking control, but make sure he will pause for you if you tell him it’s starting to hurt.

Keep practicing, keep wearing a plug, always masturbate with something in your ass, and it will keep getting easier and easier to enjoy anal with no pain at all.

Spreading the Anal Only Lifestyle

As it is, the anal only lifestyle remains a rather small niche in the world of sexual preferences and activities. There are certainly many of us out there, but nevertheless relative to the global population it’s quite a small number and many haven’t even heard of or considered the idea as something legitimate and respectable.

That’s why it’s important for those who engage in the anal only lifestyle and who prefer anal sex to share that fact more openly. Express your love for it, how happy and satisfied it makes you, how sexy it is to be anal only. Obviously, this is not appropriate conversation for all people, but if you have friends who you are comfortable talking about sex with, talk about loving the anal only lifestyle, and if you get curious or interested reactions from anyone, encourage them to try it for themselves. Explain how much fun an anal only challenge for a month—or even a few weeks—can be, to spice things up, make things interesting, and try something new, and how many people choose to remain anal only when they’re done, just because it was so much fun.

For those not in a committed anal only relationship, or with multiple play partners, your partners probably already know about your anal only status, but if they are only anal only with you, you could encourage them to try it with other partners in addition to you. If you desire to be anal only but haven’t made it strict for all your partners, consider declaring your anal only status and starting to strictly enforce it if that’s what you want to pursue for yourself.

Anal only isn’t something that should be kept hidden away like a shameful secret. It doesn’t need to be advertised to the world, but among trusted friends who you already talk about sex with, proudly proclaiming your love for anal sex and the fact that you’re anal only and won’t have vaginal sex can help lead towards positive change and encourage others to experiment with the same. Some will no doubt find it strange, but own what you like and most will respect that, and some will be intrigued.

Message: Wife Concerned About Doing Anal Too Often

Anonymous: I love the blog. My wife and I have a great sex life. Over years we’ve worked up to anal sex and do it quite a lot. It is more passionate and the orgasms are more intense for both of us. However, my wife is concerned about doing it too often. She thinks it may make her incontinent. Is there real cause for concern? For the record we don’t do anything extreme, we always start slow and use lots of lube.

No, there is absolutely no cause for concern. You can have anal sex every single day for the rest of your life and not have a single issue so long as you follow safe practices and don’t cause (and then exacerbate) injuries. The anus and rectum are really strong, tough parts of the human body. If there’s pain or blood, you should always stop and let it rest or recover before continuing, so as not to make a (almost always very minor) injury something more that will take longer to heal, but just having anal sex with lube and proper warmup should not cause injury. If it doesn’t hurt regularly beyond standard soreness that can come from any sort of sex, you’re fine. Having it more often in fact makes it a lot easier to have without pain or injury.

The anal sphincter is a muscle, and using/exercising muscles makes them stronger, not weaker. Incontinence from anal sex is a complete and utter myth. The natural resting state of the anus is closed, and it relaxes and loosens when “flexed”. Increased use, practice and training of the anal sphincter can expand the range and size it can open up to to accommodate more, but it will still close up nice and tight when it returns to its relaxed state.