Message: First Orgasm From Anal Only!

Anonymous: Since a young age, I’ve never really been interested in the idea of vaginal, but its only more recently where I’ve tried anal training. I usually have to play with my clit but today was the first day I was able to off anal only! My goal is to get to the equivalent of double anal, but I really only have access to my fingers and small sample bottles, so someday!

Congratulations! That’s awesome, keep it up until you can orgasm from anal only every time and you won’t need to rely on your clit at all anymore.

Given what you say about not being interested in vaginal, are you otherwise anal only?

Just keep working on slowly increasing the size you play with, gradually going up over time as you get comfortable with each size, and you’ll get to where you can take double anal if that’s your goal. Fingers and bottles if that’s all you have for now, maybe some proper toys or trusted partners as you’re able to. Enjoy!

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