41 days until I cum (4 days completed)

starfisk: After four days of denial, I’m definitely feeling it. I’m used to cumming at least once a day, so even a couple of days sucks, but at this point I really start to feel it – my pussy is almost constantly wet, and even when I just pump my nipples for a few minutes, my pussy gets completely flooded.

In the evenings, I’m almost always either fucking or plugging my ass and it feels absolutely amazing. I’m shocked at how easy it is to give up my clit and pussy. I’ve read about it before, other girls on tumblr who’ve got anal-only and love it, but I never thought it could really feel this natural and perfect and still make me so extremely and desperately horny, probably more so than touching my clit/pussy ever did.

I’ve been progressively increasing the size of the toys I fuck myself with but I think I went too big the other night and it was way too hard to keep it inside me all night long as I’ve been trying to do. So tonight I’m looking forward to taking a small step backwards and properly training my slutty little asshole to take whatever I want to throw at it ?

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