45 days until I cum (0 days completed)

starfisk: This year for lent I’m deciding to give up orgasms. I’m not religious and not doing this for religious reasons, I just enjoy an excuse to deny my slutty pussy and I like the idea of giving something up with a clear timeline in mind alongside many other people.

For anyone who doesn’t know, lent starts today on Ash Wednesday and goes until Easter. People say there are 40 days of lent because they’re not counting Sundays, when people wouldn’t fast and would pay penance in other ways. But since I’m giving up orgasms for the entirety of lent, I’m counting every day in my countdowns.

For this challenge, I want to go anal only. It’s something I’ve been interested in trying anyway, and this seems like the perfect time to do it. I’m going to deny my clit and pussy any pleasure and only touch, plug and fuck my ass. I’ve got my ass plugged up right now as I’m writing this and it’s already making me wet, my pussy just starting to soak my panties…I absolutely love thinking about how desperate and mindlessly horny I’m going to be at the end of this.

I’d like to occasionally chronicle my journey through this long denial challenge and share with you my progress into the depths of the true and deep sluttiness you can achieve only by denying yourself pleasure and focusing on that of others ??

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