Month: December 2016

Multiple Anal Only Orgasms

analfeelsgood: I’ve been having some insomnia lately, and tonight’s been one of those nights. Plus, I was feeling a little horny, but DH is asleep.

So I decided, what the hell, I’ll look at some porn and play with my ass a little and see where things go. A fingertip, at first, playing with the hole, then pushing in to the first knuckle and rubbing and finger-fucking myself. Just slow and gentle-like. Normally, this would be foreplay. But it was feeling really unusually good tonight for whatever reason, so I kept with it, adding a second finger. Just letting myself relax and enjoy the feeling of a slow fingering, and imagining myself as the woman in the video.

It was feeling better and better, this slow build-up – and, all of a sudden…. I came, just from that. And kept going, and came again, and again. Six times.

I have had anal orgasms before, and when I do have them they’re usually multiples. But I’ve never come just from fingering myself before. Not my ass or my pussy. I didn’t think I could do it.

That was like 10 minutes ago, and I’m still feeling shivery from the aftershocks. Fucking hell.

Message: Vaginal Doesn’t Get Me Off But My Man Doesn’t Like Anal

Anonymous: I love anal so much that I need to dp myself with toys cause vaginal sex doesn’t always get me off but my man doesn’t really want to do anal. What’s a way to convince him? And yes I have talked to him and he knows I need it. It’s rare if he will add toys to the mix, I just want a nice cock up my ass instead.

Talk to him about why he doesn’t want to do anal. Figure out why he doesn’t want to do it as much, especially if he knows that you need it to really enjoy sex. Is he grossed out or turned off by it, does he not like the necessary preparation, or is it something else?

In the meantime, make your masturbation anal only and wear a plug in your ass during sex if he won’t use a dildo on you anally.

Message: Anal Only New Year’s Resolution

Anonymous: Happy new year. My new years is to make sure my man stops fucking me in my pussy and sticks with fucking me in my ass.

That’s a fantastic New Year’s resolution, and I wish you the absolute best of luck in pursuing and fulfilling it. You sort of beat me to it, but I encourage everyone interested in trying anal only who hasn’t had a chance yet to try making it their New Year’s resolution for 2017, and I’ll have more on that topic coming a bit later.

Message: Boyfriend Wants Me To Try Anal, Go Anal Only

Anonymous: Hi, my name is Lucy and i am 19 years old, my boyfriend has been pushing me for a while to try anal sex the to become anal sex only after sometime, and I always turn him down because I have a fear of having, pain and diseases from anal, and have a lose butthole. he is kinda wiled and rough so if i said yes for one thing he will keep pushing until he gets everything. i dont want to lose him and i wanna do the right thing, please advise me.

First, he shouldn’t push you to do things you don’t want to do and if you don’t want it, you should make that clear to him and that you expect him to request your wishes.

At the same time, your fears about anal are based largely on misconceptions. Done correctly and with the proper training and warmup first, anal will not hurt. Read the other posts here and elsewhere about anal training/warmup and start practicing with fingers and smaller toys well before trying to have anal sex the first time, and also of course always use lube.

Disease/injury is also generally not a concern from anal sex, again if you practice it safely and work to avoid pain—pain is a sign of injury, and so it should be avoided rather than ignoring it. And it can be avoided.

Getting loose or gaping open all the time is also a myth and something that just doesn’t happen. Instead, with practice and training your anal muscles become more flexible and can expand more easily within a wider range, and immediately after sex or play or plug wear you would notice being looser, but the resting state returns to being tight again quite naturally. Over time you can also actually strengthen the muscles (using them exercises them, as with all muscles) as well as gain more conscious control over how loose or tight you want to be at any given moment—relaxing loosening up at will to help with penetration for sex, etc.

If anal interests you and you’d like to try it, then I’d suggest doing so—on your terms. Start playing and practicing, fingering your ass while you masturbate, working up to two and then three fingers as you get comfortable with the first, then a dildo or a butt plug, and get comfortable and familiar with it before trying to have sex with your boyfriend.

Message: Anal Without Lube?

Anonymous: My boyfriend and I were trying anal. He didn’t buy any lube and he just pushed it in even after I told him to stop, how can I make it to where I can do anal without lube?

Almost everyone needs some sort of lubrication to have anal, whether that be saliva, vaginal juices, or a sexual lubricant product. Don’t try to get to where you can do it without lube—some people can, but generally because they naturally produce more anal lubricant than most, so it’s fairly rare—just get some lube.