Anal Only Accountability

ao-serendipity: In the past, I’ve had a nasty habit of starting my anal training only to get a week or two in and then stop. It’s never a good reason, I just start worrying that I’ll never find a partner willing to be Anal Only, so why am I bothering to train my asshole for it?

But that was before I knew Anal Only was a thing. All this time I thought I was strange for never wanting vaginal sex and that no one would want me as a partner because they would feel like I was limiting them when I said “only in my ass.” But now that I know there are others like me and that there are people who would love to have a partner who was Anal Only, I think it’s finally time for me to make the commitment.

No more pussy, and as little clit as possible as I train myself to orgasm anally with the goal to phase it out altogether. From here on out, my ass is open for business and my vagina is absolutely not.

Feel free to keep me accountable, I promise I will thank you for it.

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