Month: October 2016

Message: Anal Seems Painful

Anonymous: How can i start anal training? Anal seems very painful ..

Anal should never hurt if done right. If it hurts, it means you aren’t prepared/warmed up enough for something that size or speed. Start small, with a lubricated finger while you masturbate. Try to orgasm with a finger in your ass. Keep doing it regularly. Try two fingers once you get comfortable with one. After you can fit a few fingers, get a butt plug. Wear it whenever masturbating, and try it while having sex or just around the house or sleeping or even more as you get more comfortable with it. Some go straight from using a plug to having anal sex, others add some dildo play into the mix first.

Message: How Do I Ease Into Anal?

Anonymous: So I have never been fucked in the ass, but it really seems to turn on my bf. How do I ease into it? Should I buy plugs? The idea of wearing a fox tail butt plug gets me wet. Will this train me to take his cock in my ass?

Yes, plugs are a very useful way to start getting used to anal penetration. You might want to start with a finger or two first, then get a small/medium plug and start to wear it whenever you masturbate, and ramp up wearing it more frequently other times as well. Using a dildo to masturbate anally once you’ve used the plug for a while will also help, then once you feel ready, give it a try with your partner. Use lube, go slow, and pause to relax if it starts to hurt.

Message: God Punishes Sodomy

Anonymous: Did you know that God punishes sodomy?

If there is a supernatural being who created the universe, I have to think it would have more to be concerned about than whether some of its creations were sticking their dicks into buttholes.

I’m far more concerned about consent and mutual enjoyment than what others think about my sex life, including alleged gods.

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ofbeastsandsophisticates: I love when people try to tell you what God thinks, especially people who don’t know the true history of their own faith. It is, or at least can be, quite comical. 

my-sub-conscience: ‘Thou shall not fucking judge thy neighbor!’ And I’m pretty sure that we’ll all be going to Hell then, having amazing incredible anal sex ❤️

kinktothebrink: Answer the question. Do you know?! Don’t give us such a cliffhanger.

No Pussy November 2016

This November Experience A Month of Exclusive Anal Sex - Join Us In The Fourth Annual No Pussy November

November is almost here, and long-time followers of this blog know what that means—it’s time for another No Pussy November! That’s right, if you’ve been waiting for the chance to try going anal only with your partner, the time has now come! Whether you choose to try it for a week, two weeks, or the entire month—whether you have a partner or are a single woman who would like to take the challenge of a month of anal only masturbation—or even if you’re already anal only but would like to step things up a notch with clitoral denial, trying to achieve anal only orgasms, or something else—this time is for all lovers of anal only and those curious to explore further.

Those who choose to participate in No Pussy November, feel free to share your goals and progress here, or on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum.

Message: First Step to Anal Only

My wife is actually changing her job so she said “I mustn’t be pregnant now”. I was smiling because I hope this means that we will take the first step to become an “anal only couple.” (Till now we make love in her butt not too often…)

Greetings from Hungary!

Sounds like a good opportunity to give anal only a try, I agree! Let us know how it works out for you.

Message: Anal Always vs. Anal Only

My GF had been an anal virgin before we met and she initiated the first anal sex we ever had. She really loves it and we have anal sex every time we do it. Sometimes we have weeks were we are anal only, especially when she is on her period because she does not like having vaginal sex then.

Although I also love anal sex and it makes me come very hard, I wouldn’t want to go anal only. I love the way the pussy feels as much as I like the ass. Are there actually men who dislike doing a girl in the pussy? For me that is a strange thought. Like saying you dislike blowjobs. Each sexual act has its own specific charms and I wouldn’t miss out on any of them.

If that works for you, great. Not everyone enjoys pussy, and may find having to add it into the mix alongside anal to be a negative, not a positive. There are also mental reasons why someone might want to be anal only—even if physically they don’t find pussy to be terrible, it can be a lot hotter to choose to exclusively have anal sex.

The original poster responded:

Today my GF texted me: Next week is going to be anal only. Wow!

Message: I Don’t Like Vaginal But Feel Obligated To Let Guys Fuck Me There

Anonymous: Every time I get fucked in the pussy I dry up instantly. But when I’m getting fucked in the ass my cunt is dripping. It honestly just hurts in my pussy and I don’t like it but I always feel obligated to let guys fuck me there because of society. I always tell them I prefer it in my ass but society has made that strange. How do I make it clear to my partners that I wanna be anal only?

That’s actually not that uncommon for vaginal sex to not feel good or even hurt for women, yet for them to feel pressured to continue doing it because society treats vaginal sex as “normal” and anything else as a primary, preferred form of sex as “abnormal”. This societal pressure leads men who might physically prefer anal sex to feel they have to keep having vaginal sex with their partners as well, and leads some women who prefer the pleasures of anal sex to resist going anal only because they feel it makes them somehow less feminine to give up their vagina.

However, most men also like to see their partners in pleasure and dislike seeing them in pain. Perhaps instead of simply saying you prefer it in your ass, tell them you don’t like it in your pussy and don’t want vaginal sex because it hurts. You might still have trouble with some guys who think they can be the one who makes vaginal sex enjoyable for you (seriously, it’s not uncommon to see a woman post about disliking vaginal and loving anal and having some dumb guy chime in to say he can be the one to change her mind about that), but most guys who love anal should be fine with going anal only especially if you make it clear that your pussy just doesn’t do it for you and it’s not just that it’s not great but that it’s actively a negative for you.

Or just say “I’m anal only, I don’t have or want vaginal sex.”

You have absolutely no obligation to let guys have vaginal sex with you.

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armymoviemakerblog: Actually most guys who had women who wanted “anal only” would be more than please to do so, or maybe that is just me. I actually had anal before I had vaginal sex, so from this man point of view, if I found a woman who asked for anal only, and I have known some, then I would be my duty to rock that booty.

hornyallthetimeca: I’m a man and if a women asked me to only fuck her in the ass u would HAVE NO problem with that. Anal is so much better and fun it’s just better