Message: He Slid So Easily In My Ass, Now We’re Anal Only

Anonymous: About 2 months ago I had just started dating my boyfriend. I let him fuck me in the pussy a couple times, afraid to bring up anal with him. But one time as we were falling asleep he went to put it in from behind me and it slid so easily into my ass, no lube, no prep, and he knew then that I was a wonderful anal queen. He words “fuck my cock just slid right into your ass, you’re a good fucking slut, this is the only hole I’m gonna fuck from now on.” I’m in love ?

A good example of why it’s important to train your ass regularly if you want to be an anal only girl. It not only makes it much easier for you, it makes new partners much more amenable to the idea of fucking you primarily or entirely in the ass because of less effort being required vs. having to prepare and warm up each time.

Of course, in your case, you were benefited by a partner who prefers anal already and was happy to take the initiative to go anal only when given the right sign. Very lucky—enjoy!

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