Month: June 2016

Message: Anal Masturbation Feels Amazing, But I Lose Interest With Anal Sex

Anonymous: Hey. First off I just want to say I love your blog❤. Its very helpful & informative. I have a question, when i masturbate anally it’s with no problem, I can cum, squirt etc… But when it comes to pleasing my man, it’s like I lose interest and the rush is gone.. But no sooner then 2-3 of his fingers in there & I’m fucking up the sheets lol .. What should I do?

Do you use clitoral stimulation during anal with your partner? Some people need to pair the two to get enjoyment from anal intercourse, at least at first. It could also be that the angle and position of intercourse isn’t providing you with the same sort of stimulation that fingers can.

Message: How To Make Anal More Comfortable

Anonymous: hi! i’ve been wanting to do anal a lot more with my boyfriend and possibly going anal only but its so uncomfortable!! like so much to where i push him away which takes him out of his Dom head space. i REALLY want to give my ass to him. any tips on how to get used to the feeling?

I’d certainly recommend not going anal only until it’s comfortable for you all or most of the time. Practice is the best way to get more comfortable with it. Start masturbating anally on a regular basis—I’d suggest having a finger or plug in your ass every time you masturbate, and be sure to rub your clit or use a vibrator any time you’re masturbating anally or receiving anal sex. Clit play both helps you relax more, and associates the feeling of anal penetration with existing pleasures. Also try wearing a plug for longer periods of time even when not masturbating, and for half an hour or more before having anal sex.

Also be sure you have enough lube. Not enough lube can cause a feeling of discomfort even if it’s not actively painful.

Message: Anal Only Shouldn’t Include Oral

valhallamead: Good show on the lovely blog. It does seem though that a significant minority of your pics do not show anal only sex, but rather never vaginal sex. I propose that true anal only would not include oral, it would be just that, anal only. It’s true that this might be a bit pedantic, but we are nothing if not honest with ourselves about who we are and how we describe ourselves to others. Not that there is anything wrong with both anal and oral. Just food for thought. Still, top rate blog. We’re fans

analsexonly: “Anal only” in its original use to describe this lifestyle and philosophy, and in my use, is a shorthand for “no vaginal intercourse”. Some people choose to interpret it more strictly, and that’s perfectly fine, but its use here will always include oral.

I Want To Be Anal and Oral Only

gbw1414: I have finally decided, after two months of celibacy, what I want. I want to be a Daddy’s little cum slut. I want to be anal and oral only. I want him to take me and use me however and whenever he wants. I want to never cum unless he forces or allows me. I want to eat his ass while he jerks off to other women. I want him to give out my holes to whoever he wants. I want to watch him with prettier women and clean his cum. I wanna worship his cock.

Message: Vaginal Virgin In A Committed Anal Only Relationship For Five Years

Anonymous: First of all, I love your blog! I’m a twenty year old vaginal virgin who has been in a committed anal only relationship for five years. I literally feel like this page was made to perfectly suit my sexual taste! ???

Thank you, I’m glad to hear you enjoy it and that you share the same interests. It’s always great to hear from other long-term anal only people, and from vaginal virgins who have chosen to remain anal only!

Message: Ass Gets Puffy/Swollen After Masturbating

Anonymous: Hi! I love masturbating anally, and I use appropriate amount of lube, use a plug for a while before I do, etc. but after my ass gets really puffy/swollen. Is this normal?

Yes, that’s very normal. The area gets a rush of blood to it when aroused and stimulated, and it will swell up. As long as it isn’t painful or overly sore, there’s nothing to be concerned about, and even a bit of soreness if used for a long period of time can be normal. Just take a break if anything starts to hurt or gets too uncomfortable and you should be fine.

Message: Anal Challenges & Myths

Anonymous: Hello! I’m a 23 yr old girl that knows that anal is fantastic since years ago. But, I still have some questions that hope you can answer: 1) Sometimes I want to have anal sex but my ass says NO; it doesn’t depend of the amount of lube and happens also when I’m hot as hell. Did this happened to you/some of your partners? Why this happen? What can I make for avoid it? 2) I’m very frightened about anal prolapse. What can I do for avoid this also? Thank you so much 🙂

Having difficulty with anal sex on occasion despite wanting very much to do it could be the result of a number of things. How often are you having anal sex or engaging in anal play? If a long enough period of time goes between, you may simply need more regular practice and more warmup before to help relax and prepare your anal muscles to fit a toy or your partner’s penis comfortably and without pain. I would suggest engaging in anal play more regularly when masturbating, as well as getting a butt plug or two to wear on occasion, especially in advance of having sex to help prepare. With more details about frequency and the particular issues you encounter, I might be able to offer more advice.

As for anal prolapse, this is really just not something to worry about for the vast majority of people. No link between anal sex and anal prolapse has been found, and it seems that the very rare cases of anal prolapse are actually the result of preexisting conditions. What is shown in porn semi-commonly is not actually the medical condition of anal prolapse, but a deliberate act where the performer pushes out with strengthened muscles while relaxing and loosening the anus itself. As long as you practice safe anal sex, anal prolapse simply shouldn’t be a concern.

Message: Why Should Women Abandon Their Clits?

Anonymous: why do you say women should abandon their clits too? you’ve said you aren’t trying to push women into giving up pleasure by going anal only, but it seems like you are with clit denial

It’s a mix of factors for me, to be honest. Part of it is just another level above the already very arousing idea of vaginal abandonment in favor of anal—a woman who chooses to first abandon her pussy in favor of anal exclusivity is a huge turn on, and going further to also abandon her clit is even better.

Another part is another related escalation—a woman who gets physical pleasure from anal sex is a turn on, and a woman who can cum from anal on its own without any clitoral stimulation as well is even more of a turn on.

I try to balance the fact that these things are arousing with the fact that not every woman can easily orgasm from anal only and many do need clitoral stimulation to cum. I try to appreciate and enjoy the idea of clitoral denial without excluding women who still need or just want to use their clit. But therein lies another aspect of clitoral denial and its presence on this blog: I strongly encourage everyone to try it, even if you need your clit to cum right now. A lot of women can become dependent on it and so only experience one form of pleasure and orgasm, with the clitoral sensations overwhelming and distracting from other, perhaps more subtle, anal sensations. So just as I encourage people who like anal but aren’t anal only to experiment with a period of time where they try going without vaginal penetration, I also encourage anal only women to try going for a while without any clitoral stimulation, to see if they can start experiencing new forms of pleasure and stimulation.

Message: I See My Clit as an Unwanted Temptation

Anonymous: Is wanting a clitoridectomy common after going anal only for women? Now at this point, I just see my clit as unwanted temptation and I’m verging on grossed out by it. Obviously removing it surgically is not a viable option. Do you think piecing it would be a viable alternative to losing sensation there?

It seems to be at least a somewhat common fantasy, though acting on it isn’t common. Some might experiment with various forms of temporary clit numbing—orajel and similar things have been used by people interested in reducing clitoral sensation.

I’ve heard of people piercing their clit in an attempt to reduce sensation, but not heard of it being successful outside of a very few people who inadvertently ended up with an unwanted loss of sensation.

Personally, I think the best thing is to just develop a negative association with it and learn to avoid the temptation if you’re no longer interested in using your clit. There’s nothing gross about having a clit, you just don’t need to use it for stimulation anymore if you’ve moved beyond it to pure anal only. Just like your pussy—it’s a part of you and there’s nothing bad about it on its own and it doesn’t need to be “removed”, it’s just not something you use anymore for sex.

That said, I also think that a consenting adult has the right to do whatever they like with their body, and should be able to modify themselves as they see fit, including removing their clit if that’s what they truly want. It’s an irreversible change, so it should only be done after long-term consideration and in a stable state of mind, but it should be legal to do. Unfortunately, global problems with nonconsensual genital mutilation of minors has led to an increased sensitivity on this particular topic that makes it very difficult to achieve for those who do want to do it of their own free will.