Message: Was Anal Only, Still Vaginal Virgin, Should I Stay Anal Only?

Anonymous: When i was 20 i used to to do anal only with my bf. Mainly because i was afraid of pregnancy and etc. Now i am 25 and started dating again. Still considering to stay anal only because it will hurt to loose vaginal v also i wont need to take pills against pregnancy. What would you advice

I of course strongly recommend staying anal only, both for the advantages you mentioned and because of anal’s other benefits—you’re already having sex the way most likely to give you pleasure and the best orgasms, anal is sexier by far, and being anal only is exciting and fun and different, especially when choosing to remain a vaginal virgin. It’s little secret that many guys prefer anal anyway and would only have anal sex if they could manage it, so an anal only girl who doesn’t ever want it in her pussy is going to be like a dream come true for guys like that.

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