Month: May 2016

He Never Plans on Fucking My Pussy Again

dumbandpretty: Just now–well, a few minutes ago–B told me he never plans on fucking my pussy again. Now, if he’d said so with his cock in my mouth, between my tits, or in my ass, I’d chalk it up to dirty talk. But he whispered it into my ear while we were sitting together on the couch, watching Netflix. So now I don’t know what to think.

Sounds like he knows what you both want and took the opportunity to express it outside of a sexual context to make it clear he’s serious. Congratulations!

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bimborules: Sounds like you’ll be living up to your anal-only dreams

carbonsockSounds like he’s serious. You should get pussy pierced shut as soon as you’ve had the baby.

hotamateursusa: This might be the single hottest thing I’ve ever read on tumblr.

Message: Anal Only Without Clitoral Denial Isn’t Enough

Anonymous: To me, anal only without clitoral denial isn’t enough. If a girl is really enjoying anal sex, why should she touch her clit? It will only drag her attention from pure anal pleasure. I know there are girls out there who think differently, and if they want to call themselves anal only, that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a clear difference between anal only girls who touch themselves while being ass-fucked and anal only girls who don’t. Shouldn’t there be different terms for each group?

“Anal only” is a slightly confusing term anyway, which tends to be more frequently interpreted as just “no vaginal intercourse” at its most basic. Everyone then applies their own variations to that core definition, and clitoral denial is one popular variation which does have many benefits and is perhaps the closest to pure anal only. This is why I generally suggest everyone try and experiment with clitoral denial for a while and see if they can work towards that goal. However, some women are simply unable to enjoy anal without clitoral stimulation and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to enjoy an anal only lifestyle with a different variation that includes clitoral stimulation alongside anal penetration.

Message: Her Virginity Pledge

When we met, my girlfriend (now my wife) was from a strict religious family.  She had never had sex of any sort and had just recently taken a virginity pledge at her church and wanted to remain a virgin until she was married.  We hit it off right away and in no time our hormonal urges were overwhelming.  Being young and so horny it was killing us to wait.  She masturbated me a lot.  Eventually she graduated to blowjobs.  Of course neither of these activities did anything to satisfy her desire for pleasure.  She or I would rub her clit while she was sucking my cock, but it just couldn’t get her off.

She’s actually the one that suggested anal sex.  This worked really well, as her Catholic upbringing didn’t allow for the use of birth control, including a condom.  We knew we needed to use lube and take it slow.  Our first time I used the only thing I could think of – Vaseline.  Doggy style just seemed like the easiest way to accomplish anal sex at the time, so that’s what we did.  We were both so horny, I blew my load on her ass just rubbing across her asshole.  She seemed really disappointed.  She knew that, as a teen, I would be ready again quickly though, so we just lay in bed rubbing each other until I was hard again.  This time, after just getting off, I was better able to control the urge to cum.  It must have taken us 10 minutes to slowly work my cock all the way into her ass, although it seemed like an eternity.  When we both realized my cock was buried all the way up her ass we just stayed like that for several minutes.  I could feel her ass tightening and relaxing around the base of my cock.  When she said she was ready I slowly began to work my cock back and forth in her ass.  Almost at once she started rubbing her clit like mad and pushing her ass back against me.  It was then that it happened, she let out a moan and I felt her ass pulse around my cock.  The thought that I had just brought her to her first orgasm and the fact that her ass was going wild on my cock brought me to orgasm.  It was the first time anyone had cum inside her.  We both collapsed forward on the bed, me on top of her, then rolled sideways with me spooning her.  My cock remained semi-hard in her ass as we lay there.  within 15 minutes we were at it again.  Again, she experienced an orgasm.

After this it was rare if we didn’t have anal sex at least once a day.  In the three years prior to our marriage, we never once had vaginal sex.  On our wedding night she couldn’t wait to try vaginal sex.  Although she was dripping wet, her reaction was almost immediate.  She said it felt really uncomfortable.  The look on her face made it clear she wasn’t enjoying it.  We continued this awkward exercise for several minutes, then she broke down crying.  She said she had wanted it to be special for our wedding night.  I told her it was alright and that we could try it again later.  As I moved my cock to her asshole, I felt it relax and willingly accept my cock as it had so many times before.  But this time it was different.  We were making anal love as husband and wife.  Within a few minutes her ass was pulsating in orgasmic bliss around my cock as I came deep inside her.  Then she was crying again.  She thought I would be disappointed our fist time making love as a married couple we had not been able to complete vaginal sex.  I assured her I thoroughly enjoyed anal sex and that it was alright.  I assured her we could try again later.  This seemed to calm her down.

For much of our first month of marriage the same scenario would repeat itself, including the crying  (talk about a wood killer).  Vaginal sex never became more enjoyable for either of us.  Eventually, during one of her crying fits, I told her I didn’t really care for the feeling of vaginal sex and I would prefer it if we just had anal sex.  She said she knew I was only saying that for her.  It took some convincing.  When she realized it was true she was overjoyed.  When she told me she had felt like a failure because she couldn’t please me with her vagina.  I told her I was only having vaginal sex for her because I thought it was what she wanted.  I told her I didn’t care if we ever had vaginal sex again and that she pleases me with her ass.  She immediately presented her ass for me and told me I needed to please her as well.

We’ve now been married nearly five years.  In the eight total years we’ve been together we’ve probably had anal sex several thousand times. Aside from the dozen or so times we tried vaginal sex the month after getting married, we’ve never had vaginal sex.  I’ve never cum in her vagina either.  Now we look back on her “virginity pledge” and have to laugh.  Since I’ve never cum in her vagina, I jokingly tell her she’s still a virgin.

I just wanted to thank you for educating people about the possibilities and tell you our story.  To any of your readers who are concerned about the long term effects of anal sex, we have continued to have anal sex almost every day for nearly eight years and she had had no issues whatsoever.

Back Door Psychology

What is with the male fascination with heterosexual anal sex, anyway? Men seem to fantasize obsessively about anal sex, hundreds of porn movies are made every year that fetishize anal sex, and women everywhere debate whether they should or shouldn’t have anal sex with their boyfriend or husband, while men discuss how to convince their female partners to give it a try.

Heterosexual anal sex has been around for millennia. Paintings and etchings from Japan, China and Europe all depict men performing anal sex on women, as do ancient erotic drawings, sculpture and pottery from the Mediterranean and South America. In some Polynesian cultures, anal sex was practiced explicitly as a means of birth control. […] Over the past decades, heterosexual anal sex rates have climbed. In the Fifties, anal sex was reported by fewer than fifteen percent of the population. Modern overall rates suggest that around a third of men have performed anal sex on a woman, and slightly fewer women have received anal sex. The rates are still higher in sexually active adult in their twenties.

But, for married and committed couples, where disease and pregnancy aren’t a significant concern, how can we explain the prevalence of the male fascination with anal sex? Men are sexually interested by variety, but aside from this, there is no relevant evolutionary argument, as anal sex of course produces no heirs.

Anal sex, and a desire for anal sex, serves different purposes for men. The strongest, and most common argument that men voice, is that a woman who will engage in anal sex is inherently arousing to a man. Such a woman, in embracing anal sex, is embracing it with no intent or possible result of pregnancy – it is sex, at its rawest.

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I’m A Guy And I Know Dick Shouldn’t Go In Asshole

Anonymous: why do you even like anal? i’m a guy and know a dick shouldn’t go in an asshole, it’s really weird…

unknownsubgirl: Are you sure you’re a guy?

And are you even serious???????????????

intoitmaster: Got to be fucking kidding, it is best fuck hole for both. My subs cum much harder that way and frankly so do I.

kinghut: Dick should only go in her asshole.. No exception. Not only do they cum harder, they want sex way more often and activates their dark side. There simply is no substitute for good hard deep ass sex

Message: Anal Only One Night Stand

I had my first intentional one night stand a few weeks ago. I’m not anal only, but I strongly prefer anal. I was on my period and I told it to him when we arrived at my place. He was so disappointed and said “and you told me that now” meaning he wouldn’t be there if he would’ve known. I then told him that I think we can still manage and asked if he liked anal. If he would have said no I would have given him a blow job it he would have liked that but of course I was hoping to be fucked 🙂

He was really surprised and said that he hasn’t had anal but if I like that sort of thing then why not. I told him that yes indeed I like it and then took his assfucking virginity 🙂 He asked me also to be on top, and that was the first time for me to be on top anally and it was quite nice. In the morning we fucked in the spooning position. That is so one of my favorites but it seems that not so many guys like it, and I’m glad he liked it. I think it’s especially nice position when you’ve been partying and not slept well, it’s comfy 🙂

So, he was the first guy I’ve had sex with who hasn’t been in my pussy 🙂 And I kind of hope that there will be more of those 🙂 The thought of indefinite monogamous anal only relationship feels a bit suffocating, but on other circumstances, like having anal only fuckbuddy, it feels totally appealing to me.

Featured Forum Discussion: What is the Appeal of Anal Only?

From a discussion on the Anal Only Lifestyle forums, user Strident asks:

We all know there are lots of reasons to like anal but I find myself wondering why anal ONLY is so appealing to me?

Let’s be more specific: the idea of being with a girl who wants anal only is appealing.

Which is fundamentally different from being with a girl who likes both vaginal and anal but is quite happy to go anal only.

To be specific, I find the idea of a girl actively disliking vaginal (and that being her reason for wanting anal) sexy?! Why is that?

A small conversation ensues, with a number of interesting points.

I agree. The fact that my wife has come to dislike anything in her vagina is appealing to me. She doesn’t mind clit stimulation, but finds anything in her vagina uncomfortable and a turn off. Once, when I was concerned she might really be anal only for me, I asked her if she ever thought she might want vaginal sex. She was worried I was asking because I wanted vaginal sex. When I assured her I didn’t she said, “Good, because your cock only belongs in my ass.”

Message: Was Anal Only, Still Vaginal Virgin, Should I Stay Anal Only?

Anonymous: When i was 20 i used to to do anal only with my bf. Mainly because i was afraid of pregnancy and etc. Now i am 25 and started dating again. Still considering to stay anal only because it will hurt to loose vaginal v also i wont need to take pills against pregnancy. What would you advice

I of course strongly recommend staying anal only, both for the advantages you mentioned and because of anal’s other benefits—you’re already having sex the way most likely to give you pleasure and the best orgasms, anal is sexier by far, and being anal only is exciting and fun and different, especially when choosing to remain a vaginal virgin. It’s little secret that many guys prefer anal anyway and would only have anal sex if they could manage it, so an anal only girl who doesn’t ever want it in her pussy is going to be like a dream come true for guys like that.

Message: Want To Be His Anal Only Slut

Anonymous: I love your blog! My Daddy loves anal sex, and so do I! I want to become his anal-only slut, but I’m a bit shy about suggesting it to him. Any tips on how to broach the subject that I want him to forget all about my pussy and use my asshole only?

You can take the more direct route and ask him if you can try a period together that’s anal only—a weekend, a week, a month, whatever seems best to you. After, if it’s been successful and you both had fun, ask if he’d like to just keep going like that because it’s what you prefer now.

If you want to approach it more gradually, you can just start to ask for anal more often until it’s what you’re naturally having most of the time, then after a while where you’ve been virtually anal only just because it’s what you’ve primarily been doing, you can talk to him about making it official.

Either way, you can start immediately by becoming anal only for any solo play/masturbation you do.

Message: I Feel Like I Could Spend Years Without Using My Vagina

Hello! I am a French girl and I just wanted to share my story about anal.

I’ve started to enjoy anal sex with my current boyfriend last year, only in rare occasions. Then it seemed like my butthole was much more pleasurable for everyone and we did it more and more. I identify myself as His property and he enjoys it very much. I told him I loved anal and he offered me a beautiful princess plug, because he read it created new sensations while fucking “normally” (meaning in the vagina) and I started to appreciate it more and more and more to the point where he just offered me a new princess plug, much more comfortable to wear for a long time (like a whole night or day), and I soon realized I enjoyed being plugged, wearing my plug, playing with it until my ass is completely gaped and the plug almost falls from it, showing off my gaping asshole to my boyfriend on Skype like a dirty little whore and enjoying the feeling of his hand putting my plug in my butt or his cock penetrating me without even preparing my butt because he knows I have been plugged all day long and completely gaped.

It has been almost a month and I haven’t even touched my vagina. I’m currently wearing my princess plug and I feel like I could spend years without using my vagina to pleasure myself and only masturbating with my butthole, because it is the best hole I can use and my boyfriend supports my anal training. I am plugged at least two hours a day and I hope I can increase this time with my new toy so I can be plugged every time and enjoy anal sex without any preparation and no vaginal stimulation!

Thank you so much for sharing! That’s a wonderful story and really demonstrates how with a little time and determination you can discover how much better anal is, even if you wouldn’t think it at first, and eventually you end up at the point where you want to be completely anal only. I hope you’ll find that it continues to be satisfying and are able to remain anal only long term.