Message: Still a Vaginal Virgin and Only Play With My Ass

Anonymous: Same anon from before! I’m 23 and my “cherry” is still intact. Even now that I’m single, I can go without masturbating for months, but when I give into the pleasure, it’s the only hole I play with. Also,I know it’s wrong and I could hurt myself, but I like to coat my dildo with lots of oil and work it into my ass with barely any prep. The sensation is f- amazing.

Preparation is somewhat variable from person to person, and if you have enough experience and have developed conscious muscle control, you may really not need much. As long as you aren’t bleeding regularly from what you do and it doesn’t hurt in an “I just injured myself” sort of way, you’re probably fine.

That’s great that you only play with your ass still! Vaginal masturbation and sex are overrated!

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