Message: Thank You For This Wonderful Way of Sexual Well-Being

I stumbled onto this website 10 months ago, and at first I was skeptical about the Anal Only Lifestyle. So I discussed it with my wife Becky and the conclusion we came to was if we don’t like it then we can always quit. The bonus for me through this process was that Becky was an anal virgin. I and few others have had our way with Becky’s cunt, but it is a great source of pride that I and I alone have been the only one to be inside of Becky’s ass.

This lifestyle works great for both of us as we have both decided that we really don’t want children, and this allows me to go full throttle and not hold anything back at all. No pulling out. It makes sex so much easier to just pound away and not worrying about pulling out or wearing a condom. I broke Becky’s tight little ass hole in like a brand new baseball glove and now it isn’t tight anymore, and it is where she prefers to receive me.

It has reinvigorated our sex life in ways I couldn’t even imagine, and now she knows which hole I want to penetrate. Sex went from once or maybe twice a week if we were lucky to becoming so exciting that now we set aside time each night when we are both home for a sexual conquest. I still get rock hard knowing that Becky’s ass is mine and all mine and the fact she enjoys it so greatly and we have bonded so deeply over the fact makes our sex life magical

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