Unfortunate Issues From Anal Play?

Anonymous: So most sexy things have an un-sexy consequence… Has toying around with your butt to the extent which you have ever resulted in unfortunate -err- ‘waste’ issues?

willowkitty: There are two ways I can read this question, so I am going to address both to ensure I cover it all; “Have things gotten messy while you are playing?” and “Have you had any incontinence issues since you have been taking larger toys?”

Keep in mind that I am not a medical professional, so what I am about to tell you is what I have learned from reading articles online, my own experiences, and talking to experienced anal players.

Now, first thing you need to know is that your anal canal & lower colon (aka Rectum, and recto-sigmoid segment) do not store feces. Feces are stored higher up in your colon (higher up in your sigmoid colon to be exact), and move down towards your anal canal when you produce a bowel movement. It is very important to eat a healthy diet with enough fibre, as this will ensure that you are regular; if you are constipated or loose, then there will be issues.

Secondly, you can also take preventative measures if you desire. You can clean yourself out with an enema or an anal douche, though this is not necessary at all; a quick shower beforehand to wash around your anus, and maybe slip a finger in will work well (do not use soap, you will hurt the sensitive tissues & bacteria that needs to thrive there). The difference between the two is that with an enema there is generally more fluid and you are holding it in a for a while before you expel, and with a douche you are expelling right after you fill yourself up; douching is a good way to just give a quick rinse to your anal canal. If you are going to preform an enema or douche before anal, you need to be careful. You will want to do it a few hours before play, to allow your rectum to recover the bacteria that you flush out. There is a lot of bacteria in your rectum that is necessary, and if you flush too often you can actually hurt yourself and do permanent damage. Of course, if you are careful then you will be fine. Use sterile equipment, and after your are done ensure that you sterilize it again; you do not want to introduce too much foreign bacteria. There are different kinds out there as well: bulbs, and then more elaborate systems for deeper flushes. Most people use warm water (do NOT add soap as that will irritate you), but you can also use an enema solution. Do not use solutions meant for vaginal douching! I recommend buying something over the counter, but there are recipes for making it at home as well. You also need to do this very slowly and listen to your body. If you start to feel uncomfortable, or feel cramped up then your body is telling you that you have gone too far. If you have any sort of digestive issues, please go see your doctor before you do this. If you do flush often and notice a change in your digestive system then please go see your doctor.

It is not absolutely necessary to flush yourself beforehand though.As I said, if you are regular then you should know whether or not you need to go. If you have had a bowel movement within a few hours before play, then you should be good to go. I personally usually do not flush myself before I do my stretch training, and I have not had an issue at all. Once I start doing more depth training I will start playing around with enemas more. I am very committed to eating well, and I can pretty much predict when I am going to have a bowel movement now based on the time of day.

I also just want to say that even with preparation, and regular movements sometimes there might still be a small amounts of fecal matter; a speck or two perhaps. This is not the end of the world, and is perfectly normal. A lot of people worry about this, and feel shameful but it is not something to fret about. If that makes you uncomfortable, then perhaps anal sex is not for you. If you are having anal sex with someone, and they happen to react to such an incident I want to assure you that there is nothing wrong. Do not let that person’s reaction tarnish your view of anal sex. Sometimes these things will happen.

I do not think that this is an “un-sexy consequence” as that has far too much negativity surrounding it. It is just a natural process of the human body, and human bodies are sexy as fuck. 

To address the other way that the question can be read, have I had any issues with incontinence since taking large toys and stretching out my ass?

Short answer: No.

I have not had any issues at all. I can tell you that ever since I started training my anus to take larger toys, the muscles have become stronger. If you think about it, I am training myself to have better control of my anal sphincter; practice relaxing and opening up, and gripping around my toys. I have been very focused on this to perfect my gape abilities. My ass has never been this tight!

I hope that answered your question thoroughly. Feel free to ask for any clarifications if you need to 🙂

Again, I am not a medical professional so everything stated here is based on my own readings, my experience, and discussions with experienced anal players. 

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